Tips for Rapidly Onboarding New Workers

Tips for Rapidly Onboarding New Workers

If you’re an ever-growing firm with ambitions to expand your business, you’ll regularly be making new hires. Meanwhile, if you go through a growth spurt and suddenly find that you need several new workers on your payroll, securing these workers and getting them up to speed can be tricky and time-consuming. So having a smart onboarding process in place can help you rapidly make new hires into valuable assets. This guide offers some key tips and tricks to get new workers ready to deliver for your firm as soon as possible. 


When someone joins your firm, you shouldn’t expect them to do all the research into your approach and your mission on their own. It’s up to you to share some key documents with them that’ll show them what you’re about as a company. Among these should be:

  • An internal mission statement
  • A brand bible containing your tone of voice, messaging, and design elements
  • An introduction to your history and what it’s like to work at your firm
  • A list of expectations and responsibilities for the roles that you’re hiring for

Giving workers something to chew over before their official start date will ensure that they’re already partially on board with your mission and your values when they first assume their new desks. 


Once those desks are assumed, the software on your new employees’ computers will be an important part of their onboarding process. You’ll need to show them how your team works online, and that might include showing them several different software packages – how they work and what you use them for. But increasingly, firms are interested in streamlining their software so that there’s a “central point of truth” where workers can access key documents and communicate with one another. To learn more about this kind of software, click here to read how modern intranet communications software for businesses can rapidly show new team members how you work. 


Now that your workers are clued up on how you work and what’s driving your work, it’ll be time to make them feel like part of the team. The more comfortable and accepted new hires feel, the better they’ll work, hitting the ground running and feeling happy to communicate with anyone across the business to make their work more impressive. One hiring a new staff member, be sure to:

  • Send out an introductory email to all existing staff, giving a few notes on who’s joining
  • Encourage existing staff members to make an introduction to new employees, either in the office or through online chats
  • Organize an after-work social gathering so that informal conversations can make new hires feel part of the team
  • Offer new hires the chance to introduce themselves at the next large staff meeting or conference call

If you use all of these introductory methods, new hires will feel emboldened to take issues into their own hands, contacting people across your organization when they hit a problem in their first days and weeks. 

Optimize your onboarding process and make new hires instantly valuable assets with the above tips.

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