Top 10 Stunning Places of Europe, You Need To See This Summer

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Nothing can be exhilarating than a trip to Europe. Despite our busy routines, we get a rare chance to plan such trips. While planning for such trips, Europe would be at the top of preference list. Europe is full of breath taking places that will boost your passion for travelling, and you would not resist planning such trip with your friends more often. Being a travel junkie, top holiday destinations of the Europe will be at your fingertips. If you haven’t decided your trip yet then brace yourselves, I have listed out some of the top splendid places of Europe that wouldn’t let take your eyes off. By the time this article ends, you would already be planning a trip accompanied by your loved ones. Get ready to pack your bags and don’t forget to take DSLR with you to keep your memories forever. Take a look.

  • Athens, Greece

Athens is known as City of classic Marathon and Olympic games. Contemporary art galleries are the speciality of this place. Do you know this is one of the oldest city which is keeping the record of 3,500 years? Isn’t so amazing?

  • Paris, France

Paris, The City of Love, is a dream destination for all the international visitors. Everyone wants to spend their vacations here. Paris is the city of enchanting structure that would leave you speechless for a while.  You will find this city a great blend of past and present architects.

  • Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is a city of happenings whenever you get a chance to visit here; there is always something happening here. You will get millions of Europeans here who are always ready to share their experiences with you. Colourful heritage will force you to stay long here.

  • Milan, Italy

Milan is a city of contemporary art galleries. You will have best shopping experience here. You will also find top fashion brands of the world here. Eye- catching structure of churches, palaces and museums will leave you stunned.

  • Rome, Italy

You will get amazing landmarks of ancient history. Rome is the best place to visit with your family or loved ones. Sea, food and history are grabbing visitor’s attention.

  • Madrid, Spain

Madrid is one of the exciting cities of Spain where you will find a wide range of entertainment. You will have best shopping experience here. Art, shopping, night life and cuisines are being offered by Spanish Capital.

  • Prague, Czech Republic

This is one of the most attractive cities in the world. Situated in the heart of Europe. Best place for the wanderlusts to enjoy holidays. Historic Centre of Prague is the main attraction of Czech Republic.

  • Novi Sad, Serbia

This place would be best for a pleasant experience. You will see the best fusion of urban core and rural areas in your surroundings. That would be best to create your own experience so that you can share with your colleagues. You will get the best hospitality here, and obviously, you don’t want to miss that.

  • Manchester, London

Arts and culture, Museums, restaurants, night life, music concert and much more are the attractive things of Manchester. Incredible hospitality wouldn’t let you go early from this city. If you are planning to tour every city of London, then get a premium car hire service in London at affordable prices. You will have the best experience with your loved ones.

  • Vienna, Austria

Vienna is the most beautiful city in the world. You will find a dense concentration of various buildings, places and landmarks. Elegant structures wouldn’t let keep your eyes off, and you don’t want to miss these places at any cost.

These are some of the top stunning places of Europe which we have listed out for you. Plan your trip and don’t forget to take your friends along with you. You will have a spectacular experience. Have a wonderful and safe trip.

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