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When we hear about Indian food, we immediately think of spicy, mouthwatering cuisine. In addition to being delicious, Indian food provides several health advantages due to the spices it contains. The best Indian restaurant in Perth that can give you Indian dishes in true Indian fashion is what you need if you don’t want to miss out on the health advantages of eating delicious Indian food.

The top 5 Indian restaurants in Perth are listed below.


The essence of India is available at Perth’s Fusion 6, a multi-specialty Indian restaurant, for all occasions. Our restaurant is fundamentally Indian but also recognizes Perth residents’ evolving lifestyles, preferences, and needs. As a result, we offer restaurant services that combine an Indian aesthetic with a more modern one.

They have an excellent management team that oversees all events and offers you the top catering services. Fusion6’s menu features every delectable Indian dish you can imagine, and after trying their Indian cuisine just once, I promise you won’t be able to stop going back.

This restaurant is the best in all of Perth because of its mastery of Indian cuisine. Fusion6 provides you with more than just delicious food; they also provide a venue for Indian weddings and DJ parties with an LED dance floor.

  • For more details:
  • Location: 230 Cambridge Street WEMBLEY WA 6014 Australia
  • Contact Number: (08) 6117-5713.


The majority of the events are supplied with the heart of India by Delhi6, the best and most authentic Indian restaurant in Perth. The top Indian restaurant in Canning Vale serves authentic Indian food, but it also fully appreciates Perth residents’ shifting desires and requirements in the same instant.

A trusted brand in premium Indian sweets and savory dishes in Perth is Delhi6 desserts and savories. They don’t choose fixings and cycles because they believe only the best components and tried-and-true cycles produce goods of their caliber.

  • For more details:
  • Location: 30/271 Amherst rd canning vale Perth, Western Australia
  • Contact number: +61 416 579 572


For Indian food, Perth’s Balti Indian Restaurant is highly known. This restaurant provides you with a blend of the flavor of traditional and stylish Indian cuisine. They employ spices in the greatest way possible, giving you the best experience when eating Indian food.

They have a wonderful staff that pays close attention to the demands of the clients. You’ll undoubtedly have a good time there. Yellow lentils with spinach, dal makhani, mixed veggies, and much more can be found on the Balti Main menu

  • For more details:
  • Location: 3/2 Saint Georges Terrace, Perth, Western Australia 6000, Australia
  • Contact Number: 9221 3306.


The restaurant known as Royal India Restaurant royally serves Indian cuisine, giving you a sense of royalty. They are one of Perth’s best but priciest Indian restaurants. The royal restaurant is one of Pert’s oldest and most well-liked eateries. Due to the restaurant’s 30-year history, the staff has more experience providing delicious food regularly.

You need to go to this Perth restaurant if you genuinely want to experience Indian cuisine prepared in the manner of Indian royalty. Although they can be very expensive for your budget, their chefs are extremely skilled, and their food is another wonderful feature you can’t overlook.

They serve soups such as cream of tomato soup and mulligatawny soup in addition to their hallmark meals like goat curry, lamb shahi korma, rogan josh, etc. on their menu. Visit their website for additional information and price information.

  • For more details:
  • Location: 1134 Hay St, Perth, Western Australia 6005, Australia
  • Contact Number: +61 8 9324 1368.


The Royal Menu at Haweli Indian Restaurant is what is most well-known. It includes a lunch special with a lunch combo (rice, curry, and soft drink) with the option to select a vegetarian or non-vegetarian curry. You will receive tandoori chicken, Lasagna tikka, etc., as an appetizer.

Raan-e-Haweli, Murg Kesar Malai, and more specialty dishes under the name of their brand, Haweli Signature Dishes, are available. Visit their website if you want to see the whole list.

  • For more details:
  • Location: 955 Wanneroo R

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