Top 5 Tech Careers of 2021


As the Age of Technology continues to march on, jobs within the tech industry are becoming more and more sought-after by professionals entering the job market. In this article, we explore some of the top-paying tech-related careers of 2021 so that tech-savvy graduates can make a smart choice about their future.

Data Scientist

One of the highest paying jobs in the technology industry, data scientists are in huge demand around the world with employer review company Glassdoor positioning data scientist as number three on their Top 10 Best Jobs in America in 2020 list. Data science is a growing field that combines methods from statistics, engineering, management, and computer science to analyze and interpret complex data and make predictions, build models, and offer recommendations based on this data to companies in a variety of sectors ranging from telecommunications, to the healthcare sector, to the energy sector to name a few.

People who wish to pursue a career in data science have a few options open to them, however, earning a Master’s Degree in data, such as an MBA with a focus in business intelligence, from a reputable institute is perhaps the fastest way to break into this field. Institutes such as the Suffolk University offer a range of accredited online MBA programs. You can click here for more information about the courses they offer and to find out more about the benefits of an MBA in business intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is a growing field and, as more industries embrace the technology, so will the demand for AI engineers continue to grow. AI engineers are responsible for building AI models using neural networks or machine learning algorithms to give business insights that can be used to improve businesses in a number of ways. They can also be responsible for creating different types of AI and applications that can perform a range of functions such as language translators, contextual advertising apps, and more. AI engineers can also assist in automating and developing infrastructure for data transformation.

To pursue a career as an AI engineer, a person should hold at least an undergraduate degree in computer science, statistics, applied mathematics, or cognitive science. Most of these learning paths have some relevance to machine learning and are a good starting place for the field. AI engineers who hope to succeed in the industry should also have experience in programming and statistics so qualifications in these fields would also be beneficial.

Big Data Engineer

While the popular saying “data is the new oil” has seen some scrutiny in the past few years, there can be no doubt that data is indeed one of the most valuable assets in the 21st century. However, just like oil needs to be refined to be useful, so does data. Enter the big data engineer. To draw real and valuable insight from the huge amount of data that is generated each day, businesses make use of the skills of big data engineers who are trained to understand the intricacies of real-time data processing, implement large-scale machine learning, as well as develop, construct, test, and maintain large-scale data processing systems and databases. Common responsibilities of big data engineers include data acquisition; developing data set procedures; the deployment of analytics programs, machine learning, and statistical methods; conducting research for industry and business relating to the use of big data; and more.

Big data engineers are required to have at least an undergraduate degree in computer science, applied mathematics, physics, statistics, software engineering or a relevant business degree. Real-world experience in the form of an internship is also recommended for this type of position.

Cloud Architect

Cloud computing has often been called the future of computing, and for good reason. Cloud computing can help businesses not only run more efficiently, but it can also help organizations save money on servers, management services, as well as storage. For a business’ cloud-based operations to run smoothly, experts such as cloud architects are called in to develop, deploy, and oversee the organization’s cloud computing strategy. Cloud architects may also be involved in designing cloud applications and can also assist with cloud environments such as the private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud.

Cloud architects deal primarily with software and development, so people who wish to pursue a career in this field should have at least an undergraduate degree in either software engineering or computer science, however a master’s degree with a specialization in cloud computing is highly recommended. In addition, cloud architects also need working knowledge of at least one operating system, a good understanding of networking, some programming experience in one or more languages, and preferably some form of certification from the platform of their choice. Popular choices include Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Software Architect

Last on our list of top technology-related jobs of 2021 is a role that requires that professionals in the field have lots of experience in software design and development, are skilled communicators, and have the technical background to make high-level design choices in terms of software development. These software development experts, called software architects, are responsible for enforcing technical standards such as software coding standards, tools, and platforms. Some of their responsibilities may include researching, evaluating, and implementing technical standards and tools for projects; communicating business requirements, criteria and needs to in-house software development teams; distributing development tasks to software engineers; quality assurance testing of project code; writing code for projects; and more.

In order to pursue a career as a software architect, a person needs to hold at least a Bachelor’s Degree, preferably a Master’s Degree, in computer science, software engineering, analytics or a related field. They should also have in-depth experience with computer programming, software design, software architecture, software frameworks, and have previous experience in a software development role.

These are just some of the top-paying jobs available within the tech industry. As technology continues to improve and evolve, so will new job opportunities arise for those who are willing to learn new skills and technologies.

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