Top 8 Things To Do During The Trip To Hyderabad

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If you plan to visit South India, then Hyderabad city should definitely be part of your must-visit list. This city boasts of having a long history, rich culture and heritage. It also boasts of being the city of forts, palaces and offering delicious cuisines like haleems and biryanis. Over time, this city has managed to flourish under Nizam influence. During its heyday, it was considered to be among the grandest as well as the most advanced of all cities that existed then in the planet. Rather, it can be termed to be a cultural and artistic centre as well as a scholarly Mecca. Doing some research will allow you to plan your itinerary well and enjoy to the maximum with family and friends. However, to get proper relaxation and comfort, you should book your hotel with taj falaknuma palace.

Top things to enjoy in Hyderabad

  • Hyderabadi Biryani: If you love biryanis, then you are sure to remember this for a lifetime. It is considered to be one of the most favourite dishes of the Nizam of Hyderabad. Hence, it has derived the name Hyderabadi Biryani. It tastes differently when compared to North Indian biryani. It contains fragrant, long-grained basmati rice besides marinated meat, soaked overnight in specially created spice concoction. Dough is used to seal the cooking vessel and steam on hot coals referred to as dum. This type of biryani is complex and spicy, exhibiting rich flavours that is sure to be loved by all biryani lovers. There are numerous restaurants and road-side stalls selling this traditional staple at affordable prices.
  • Charminar: This monument is considered to be the symbol emblem of Hyderabad city. Here, char’ refers to four and ‘minar’ to minarets. Several theories surround its construction. One popular theory states that it was commemorated on the end of the plague. Another theory states that it tends to commemorate start of second Islamic millennium. It is presently the country’s most recognized landmarks that should not be missed out during the trip. Reaching the top of this minaret will allow you to have an aerial view of this beautiful city. This monument is surrounded by different types of markets offering shoppers with a variety of items like handicrafts, jewellery, shell-based items, etc.
  • Chowmahalla Palace: It is considered to be an 18th century, luxuriously built splendour. It exudes finesse ranging from gleaming Belgian crystal chandeliers to white smooth marble tiled floors. Once this palace was the seat of the powerful Asaf Jahi dynasty as well as the place where royal guests were entertained then. 4 garden courtyards can be found here, thus deriving its name Chowmahal, where ‘Chow’ means 4 and mahal stands for palace. You can get to see the grand exhibits collected from the Nizam’s lifetime kept in the halls. It also includes a well-maintained 1911 yellow coloured Rolls Royce.
  • Golconda Fort: This fort had once served as the ancient Golconda Kingdom’s capital during the 14th & 16th It is established over a high granite hill towering over 400 ft. and is among the many architectural wonders the country boasts about. One special feature of this fort is that if you clap your hands just below entrance dome, it can be heard at the pavilion about a kilometre away. The reason for such a design in this acoustic marvel is to warn the rulers of any impending attack by enemies. The magnificent fort dates to the 12th century and is a must visit for those who are interested to know more about ancient India.
  • Makkah Masjid: Also referred to as Mecca Masjid, it is considered to be the largest mosques in the world. It took about 77 years to be constructed and completed in 1694. Bricks to construct this mosque were made from the soil brought specially from Mecca city’s holy city. Thus, this mosque derived its name. Its indoor hall can hold around 10,000 people. The arches have inscriptions of the holy Quran. It also houses a hair strand of Prophet Mohammed that is well preserved within the courtyard room.
  • Bidriware: This metalwork technique incorporates silver inlay into a blackened alloy comprising of copper and zinc. Its effects are quite striking as well as stunningly beautiful. This metalwork has derived its name from its origin place, Bidar located in Karnataka state and is produced here even today. You can get to see the beautiful examples of this amazing work in Hyderabad. This craft boasts of being about 400 years old while the technique is assumed to have started in Persia. However, zinc’s use as a primary metal is considered to be completely an Indian concept. You can shop for bidiware products at Charminar.
  • Salar Jung Museum: This prestigious museum is considered to be among the country’s three important national museums. You can find that the antique collection exhibited here belongs to Nawab Mir Yusuf Ali Khan Salar Jung III. Presently, this collection is regarded to be the largest antique collection in the world that is owned by a single person. The collections also comprise of treasures collected from all over the world like Egypt, Persia including North America. Also are present paintings done by Raja Ravi Verma, the famous painter as well as daggers and swords belonging to different Mughal Emperors. However, the ‘Veiled Rebecca’ is considered to be the most popular exhibit here a sculpture made by Benzoni, the well-known Italian artist. It remains open to tourists from 10am to 5pm.
  • Hussain Sagar: It is a vast artificial lake established across the Musli river tributary in 1562. Once, it was considered to be the city’s main water supply. Later, two more artificial lakes were constructed to reduce pressure on Hussain Sagar lake. There is established a monolithic, tall statue of Buddha in the midst of this lake that is well lit during nighttimes. You can get sailing options here. The boats offer half an hour journey right to the statue and then back.

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