Top Mobile Phone And Plan Features For Business Travelers


Most people invest in the best smartphones and plans not only for entertainment, but also for business productivity. With plenty of phone models and different mobile operating systems to choose from, deciding which one is best for your job can be a daunting task. Furthermore, you need to look for a plan that offers reliable daily internet, among others.

Traveling for business does not need to be a chore. There are different phone and plan features that can help make your work travels go smoothly. From planning the route, to getting organized while you are away, to keeping in touch with your workmates if you don’t have a laptop on hand, these features and apps will help you enjoy a stress-free business trip.

1. Enterprise Support for Mobile Devices

Your employer’s IT department must support your personal device. This will help you set up and troubleshoot connectivity to company resources, including Microsoft Exchange Server for email, calendar access, and contacts.

2. Beneficial Mobile Apps

Most smartphones offer office and business productivity apps that you will most likely use. Here are some of the most beneficial apps you must install on your phone:

●       Google Drive

Instead of traipsing around with all your documents, Google Drive will let you keep your work in a single place. Edit and share these documents with your colleagues, and it will immediately store any changes you’ve made.

●       Google Maps

Avoid getting lost when going to your meeting. You can easily find your way with Google Maps. You just have to enter your intended destination before leaving an internet service area, and the app keeps your route on the screen.

●       Skype

Chat with key persons in the business without the high charges. This app offers free messaging and calls. Also, you can set up a video conference with no more than 10 people if you must host a meeting.

●       Uber

If you did not book a car and you’d prefer to skip the taxi line, this app can be useful. It allows you to catch a ride wherever you are. The charges can go straight to your card, so you won’t have to worry about carrying cash.

●       Evernote

Avoid losing all your work. Evernote will make it a lot easier for you to write up and organize notes while you are away from your desk. You can even sync this app on all your devices so you can get access to all your notes wherever you need them.

3. Voice Quality

Voice quality is vital for professionals. If you can’t clearly hear the other person or you cannot be heard, your phone may become a work hindrance rather than something that can help.

4. Keyboard

If you need to create and edit documents on your phone, you might want to opt for a physical keyboard. This will also be helpful if you need to type long emails.

5. Dual SIM Capability

A dual SIM phone will allow you to use a local number in the foreign country without removing your current SIM card. This way, you won’t lose your contacts in your country of origin.

Make sure that your phone can allow you to make both cards active; you can then receive texts and calls from either number.

6. International Roaming Services

Keep in touch with your family, friends, and business while in transit. With international roaming services, you can use your smartphone to stay connected with your family and colleagues while traveling abroad.

●       Internet Roaming

This allows you to keep using GPRS to check your emails and browse the internet. A change on the handset setting is not required, both for prepaid and postpaid customers.

●       Flight Roaming

With this service, you can roam and use your mobile to make voice calls, send SMS, and browse the internet on the plane during your flight.

●       Maritime Roaming

This service will allow you to work and keep in touch with your colleagues even while you are at the sea. You can send and receive SMS, and even make calls, while you are cruising the open sea.

These are the top mobile features and apps designed to ease the life of most business travelers today. As for the phone plan features, it will depend on how frequently you will use your phone to perform certain tasks and how long you will be staying overseas.

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