Top Reason to Buy Smart TV Technology:

Smart TV Technology

A smart TV is an advanced version of basic TV which is equipped with an internet connection and compute with the high definition or a 3D picture quality. Smart TV’s allow users to access social networking sites such as Facebook and Google through Wi-Fi connectivity and provide facility to record TV programs.

A smart TV is also acknowledge as the hybrid or connected TV. It is a set embedded that connected with internet and interactive with new generation of features. Any TV is called as smart TV if the TVs support Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet and flash memory cards from digital cameras as well as coaxial cables and audio-video connections. Apart from this Smart TV allow the connection to websites such as Netflix, Hulu, Vimeo, YouTube and social media sites.

Smart TVs were initially expensive, but now the prices have fallen and are cheaper.

Technologies of Smart TV:


In mid of 2010 the LED screens became popular. This technology is similar to LCD but it use tiny LEDs as a backlight instead of CCFL lamps.

Basically there are two different types of LED TVs. One is Edge-lit panels it has lamps aroundthe edge of screen which allow them to be thinner and have efficient energy. Second is Back-lit it has LEDs all over the back screen, which means the picture is more consistent but these TVs are more expensive than Edge-lit panels TVs.


OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. It is a variation on LED, but without the backlight. The OLED panels have the response time 1000x faster than LED. It is physically flexible i.e. LG created a screen that rolls up. At this time OLED is expensive in comparison to other TV sets. The 55 inch LG TV cost around $800.

Video on Demand:

Nowadays, Video on demand offers you to choose what you really want to watch. If you choose BT TV you view with box then you can record any program to watch later and you can pause it if you are doing something and want to see after sometime.

If you want to go with BT TV then you can rent and buy all films from the BT store, as there are thousands of films available at BT store.

Ultra HD:

Ultra HD or 4K refers to the set of minimum resolution of 3840*2160. The advantage of this high resolution is in the amount of detail that you will be able to see. First the BT sport launched the live sport 4k channel at 50fps.

Provide Apps:

Now Smart TV comes with smart app development or digital television device. The smart TV access the range of services through the internet. This may include some outstanding services such as internet radio, Games, Information, Shopping and Video on demand services.

If you have a smart TV then you can connect with the internet and download apps from the play store in your TV.

Bluetooth Connectivity:

Nowadays, the technology has been growing so Smart TVtechnology is upgraded and provides the Bluetooth connectivity so that you can connect your phone and easily stream what is on your phone.

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