Top 5 Mediterranean Restaurants in London

Mediterrranean food

London is one of the most favourite destinations for tourists who are looking to explore new places around the world. When you are looking to explore new places, you wish to have great food and London offers one of the best Mediterranean food in the world.

Here is the List of Some Restaurants that Offers Mediterranean Food :

1) Salotto 31 :

Salotto 31 is an Italian Restaurant Located in the heart of the city of London. From Interior, it consists of various monuments, Fine Dining System, Dark Woodwork, Prints, and Pillars, etc. Their menu offers some excellent and mouth-watering food with some various Discounts.

They provide Various Facilities Such as Free Wifi, Private Dining, Vegetarian Food, Wheelchair Access for Physically Handicapped people, Bar & Lounge, Alfresco Dining, etc. You can also conduct your Parties and other events with this restaurant. This Italian restaurant will never fail to impress its customers as they provide various services and food with many discounts.

2) Sarastro :

Sarastro is the restaurant which offers the menu in Turkish style but offers the Mediterranean cuisine. It is located in London near Covent Garden. It looks beautiful because it contains a decorative stage set and the musicians perform the live music. It offers Vegetarian food, Vegan options are also available as well, and Gluten-Free Options are also available.

It also consists a Bar, Parties and Family Functions can also be held at this restaurant. It is one of the best Mediterranean restaurants because its facilities make it different from other restaurants. Wheelchair Access is also available in the restaurant, and it is well-known for Vegetarian Food.

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3) Caminetto :

Caminetto is located in London near Lambeth Road. It serves you with the Italian Style Settings. Its menu also has some eye-catching food with many discounts. Caminetto is well-known for a Romantic Date, Weekend Lunch, or an Evening-meal if you visit with your Friends and Family.

It is indeed a very small restaurant, but it offers delicious food as said by their customers who have experienced it. You can also conduct birthday parties or family get-togethers efficiently and with less price. Their menu contains a variety of Starters, Pasta, Main course, Salads and more with very affordable prices.

4) Pizza Uno :

Pizza Uno is a family-owned business run by husband and a wife team Roxane and Shef. It is Located in Locksbottom, SouthKent. It is a Family Friendly Restaurant which offers affordable prices to various delicious food offering some Pizzas and Pasta Dishes. They cook their food by using high quality and fresh ingredients.

It is the best restaurant in the town if you visit it with your friends and family or spending a weekend with them. You can also take advantage of their free delivery services in which you can order your favourite pizza from the comfort of your home, and the food will be delivered at your doorstep as soon as possible.

5) The Olive Tree :

The Olive Tree is a Restaurant which is run by a Family by adding the methods of cooking inspired by their grandparents. Their main focus is to offer great and unforgettable food by cooking it with fresh ingredients. They also provide a good entertainment work environment in which you can enjoy their Greek music and can also experience the taste of Greece in Berkhamsted, London. They do not offer any starter or main course, but you can order the dish from the varieties on offer. 

Conclusion :

So, These were some of the best Mediterranean restaurants in London, which offers Tastiest Mediterranean food, Various Facilities, Discounts, Entertaining Environment, etc. So why wait? Grab your Table Now at the best restaurants near you

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