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KiKi, KB, J.T. or Resha? Who do you think had feelings for Drake?

Well, I would like to bet on KiKi but only Drake knows! While we cannot be sure about who exactly loved Drake, one thing that we are sure of is that the ‘KiKi challenge’ got the world dancing to the tune of the song. Not only did the Americans hit the roads to record super fun videos of themselves moving to the songs, but people from Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia did too. Makes me wonder if the penguins up in the Antarctic region had a version of their own as well. Anyhow, it seemed as if the challenge brought the world together. My newsfeed was bombarded with videos of people dancing, jumping and frolicking to the song. Haven’t we been living in an era where technology rules, it would not have been able for us to record videos and share them for the world to relish? I am glad to be a part of this age. With advancements in technology, connecting to the world from the ease of your home has become a reality. As a kid, I remember my father inserting a black cassette in a video recorder to capture the memories of my birthday. Those cassettes joined their dusty companions in the television trolley and we never saw them again. Now the dynamics have changed. I can easily record a video and share it with the best friend living in Canada using my Frontier online deals. It is as if she is always with me.

However, you cannot download any or every app to record good quality videos. Let me introduce you to some of the top ones for iPhone:

1. Viddy:

Acquiring a Viddy account is not a problem. Like many other social photo and video apps, you can create an account on Viddy using your Facebook or Twitter credentials. The app allows the members to add Insta-like filters to the videos recorded on the iPhone. In addition to this, the app allows you to make the stop-motion videos you could otherwise only record on Vine. You just need to do the ‘touch and lift up finger’ routine on your mobile screen repeatedly. Viddy is my new favorite and the one that tops the list of must-have video recording app.

Good news#1: It is FREE!

Good news#2: The app’s populated with stars including RiRi and Justin Bieber.

2. Instagram:

Instagram takes the second spot on my favorite video recording apps. Until a couple of months ago, all we could do was upload filter-bathed pictures of ourselves for our friends to see. While we were busy updating our digital photo album, creative minds at Instagram were putting in thoughts to mimic YouTube and IGTV was born. Kudos to the team, they did a job well done. IGTV allows the users to alter the focus of the video being shot as per the requirement. Moreover, unlike Vine, you can delete unwanted scenes from a video shot on IGTV at any given time. However, it still does not allow you to add videos sitting on your camera roll.

P.S. It’s FREE!

3. iMovie:

For all the aspiring cinematographers, iMovie allows you to take your creativity up a notch. This feature-laden app allows the users to give the videos a cinema-like look with its custom studio logos, credit rolls, and cast names. Furthermore, there is an array of templates to choose from and the users can choose songs from their music library or add their own voice-over narration. The app allows you to do all this for free.

4. Magisto:

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Magisto simplifies the video making process. Apart from making videos, the app allows the users to upload photos, add captions, rearrange and edit scenes and create longer movies. The best thing about this app is that it is loaded with a lot of technology that makes it a smart and powerful one. Currently used by over 80 Million people around the world, Magisto offers extra-ordinary video making features free of cost. The premium version of the app, however, might ask of you to spend a couple of bucks!

So, if you have still not uploaded your unique version of ‘KiKi challenge,’ download any of the above-stated apps, call a friend, use your Frontier FiOS subscription, record a video of your movie to Drake’s voice and share it with your friends and family. Hurry!

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