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Types of Air Conditioning that Suits your Need

Types of Air Conditioning

With the advent of numerous channels to maintain room temperature, the most common method is through air conditioning. However, while getting this installed a lot of things have to be taken into consideration.

When we say a lot of things, we mean how useful it is going to be according to the size, the frequency of use, the temperature of the place, the size of the area where you have to install and finally the budget and brand too.

Let us figure out all the types of air conditioning that is available in the market.

Types of Air Conditioning

Window Air Conditioning:

This is indeed something which is not unpopular and everyone has used or seen a window A/C. The use of window air conditioner is most effective in homes and areas where it is used to particularly cool one room only.

This A/C comes in one unit only along with a stabilizer, unlike split that has one indoor and one outdoor unit. When we say one unit, we mean that the compressor, coil, condenser, fan, all the components are composed in one box. Installing this is absolutely simple.

Once you know where to install you can simply get the unit and place it on the place sill. Requires to be fitted properly and professional help is advised to avoid noise and other installation issues.

Split Air Conditioning:

Yet another popular and most used type of air conditioning system is the split A/C. This comes in two units. One is the indoor unit and the other is the outdoor unit.

The indoor unit has the evaporator and the cooling fan whereas the heavy components are fitted in the outdoor unit.

So you will find the compressor and condenser placed in the outdoor unit. A split A/C is quiet and has an overall cooling effect.

If you have chosen to buy a big one with more cooling capacity, then you can even use it for two adjoining rooms or one big room.

The split A/C is more impressive in terms of looks and occupies less space too.

Packaged Air Conditioner:

This type of air conditioner is used for large rooms. You will see this kind of air conditioning usually in offices or large area covering homes. This kind of air conditioner has two packaged units.

In this case, each unit has components divided based on the heat exchanger technique. One unit has the evaporative cooling and the coil while the other has the condenser and the compressor.

Because of this working on heat exchange technique, it is used for large rooms in residences and offices.

Central Air Conditioning:

The consistent cooling effect in a big building and commercial areas such as gyms, restaurants, and offices have is due to the central air conditioning.

 If the place to be cooled is large, then instead of installing many units, one big plant is installed.

This kind of air conditioner is best for large spaces as it has a consistent flow and by one installation the air flows through the ducting system.

Now you know the kind of air conditioning you need. So go ahead and choose the brand that fits your room or the area and most importantly the budget!

Keep yourself cool and enjoy the summers in the best manner possible with cool air through the apt air conditioner that suits your needs and requirements.

Remember to always choose professional services for installation of air conditioning. Also, for best air quality, keep the room and the nearby areas on a/c installation always free of dust.

You will experience a wonderful temperature that makes you comfortable and allows you to relax in the comfort of your home.

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