Use WordPress Quiz Plugin And Increase The Popularity And Profit Level Of Your Website

WordPress Quiz Plugins

For gaining popularity, every website needs a huge user engagement whether the website was developed in WordPress or any other coding languages. For a long period, BuzzFeed can successfully manage to engage their visitors around their site. Initially, they have started with listicles which is featured with lots of facts, tips, scannable text, quotations, and fun images. Later, they have introduced various other contents, including quizzes. Buzzfeed reinvented the Quiz for making it catchy, exciting and visually natural to users. In March 2017, according to NewsWhip, the top four BuzzFeed’s content with most engagements were all quizzes.

WordPress Quiz Plugin

Nowadays, there are so many websites that have been using interesting quizzes. As a result, they can successfully hook their readers and keep them on their sites for a long period. Now the most interesting part is, you don’t have to be a website developer for making quizzes and implement those on your WordPress website. You have to use a solid WordPress plugin for creating questions, adding answers, fun images and matching up responses.

Some of the WordPress quiz plugins have some additional features like form-building, polls and surveys, slideshow tools e.t.c. There are several WordPress quiz plugins are available which can generate quizzes from basic level to modern BuzzFeed style quizzes.

Why should you use WordPress Quiz Plugin in your WordPress Site?

For creating interesting contents for your website, you can use WordPress quiz plugins as the installation and implementation of this is quite an easy process. It is a bit difficult to hook the user with your websites for a long time. But quizzes are one of the ways to keep the readers engaged and increase your website’s popularity.

The main reasons to use a solid WordPress quiz plugin:

  • Bounce rate can be reduced by keeping users on your websites for a long time. As bounce rate is counted into your SEO, this thing can boost your website ranking.
  • It gives something to your followers and visitors that is not only for fun but also very informative and educational.
  • Through the quizzes, customers can get to know about your company. In the long run, if they like the concept of your website or company, then they might end up buying a product, signing up in your site or clicking on an ad.
  • Quizzes have high chances of social media shares, which can make your blog visible to many social media pages.
  • Most of the users like to participate in the comment section of Quiz related posts which can increase the number of visitors to your website.

Features of WordPress Quiz Plugins

WordPress Quiz plugins provide various other features along with interesting and informative quizzes. Those features are

  • A built-in email capture section is provided with this plugin for getting more people signed up on your website.
  • You can make trivia and personality quizzes as personality quizzes is quite popular on Facebook and trivia quizzes tend to get viral on Twitter.
  • The media share option is available in every Quiz generated by WordPress Quiz Plugin.
  • Built-In analytics is there in some of the Quiz plugins so that you can check how the Quiz is performing.
  • Increase your profit level by adding ads around the quizzes.

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