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Web Design Companies

Choose between a cheap web design Companies or web design service quality. Know what parameters determine the quality of a web.

What is the difference between a web design companies charged $ 100 for a website and other charged $ 1000 for work that appears to be the same? The relationship between price and quality as well known as the very fact that pricing of products and services, but in an area such as web design is even more complex to understand.

Web design is still an emerging specialization, and therefore there is no general knowledge about web design, and clear benchmarks to assess a job in a market with a variety of supply.

HTML code

HTML is the standard language with which web pages are written. The correct use of this language depends largely on the quality of a website. HTML code poorly developed, poorly written, which is not compatible with all browsers, or no more than basic quality test set, is simply a badly written code.

Upload speed

The way it is done web design determines, in part, the loading speed of a web. In the cheap web devoted little time to optimize them, so it is usual to find many calls to external code (scripts, CSS codes …), while a more elaborate work is a work of optimization that seeks fewer files and thus load faster.

Use of “DIV”

The DIV is a technique for the distribution of content areas modern, easy to read page by search engines, making it faster to present (“render”) by browsers, and makes the code more clear and short .

Working with DIVs takes longer because it is a more complex methodology than the alternative, working with tables. The table’s takes to design a website, so cheap to design are widely used.

With the advent of using DIVs HTML5 would tend to decline dramatically, however will still be used to ensure compatibility with current browsers.

CSS, class and style

Quality web code is optimized for the web design elements (backgrounds, text styles, modes of presentation of items …) is light, that is, with few instructions to get the desired visual effect, and reused multiple times.

Cheap web design this aspect is sacrificed in favor of a shorter development time, repeating (copying and pasting) the same code multiple times over and over throughout the page.

Using current standards

Cheap web design reuse old code web pages that are already made, to accelerate the development process. These pages are designed for more than 5 or 10 years, used standards today are no longer in use, and although they remain accepted by browsers in future releases will no longer be supported.

A quality website uses the latest web design standards set by the W3C and other institutions to offer guaranteed performance of the web for years to come, and for new browsers appear.

Browser Compatibility

All Web Products pass quality tests on multiple browsers and different platforms, to be sure that the Web is like, and rightly, in all cases.

The cheap web does not pass these tests of quality, cost less because there is no time for them simply to display in a browser and there, and if they are in others, is fortunate. And remember, a website that looks good is worse than no web.

Custom Design Vs Web Templates

For quality results, professional design page has a lot of weight. Companies that offer cheap web pages always provide a template, a design model that anyone can buy, including their competition. See more about Web art.

Web Maintenance

In computing, a general endpoint of a job is the ability to modify the program or resulting web page. Quality work can make changes easily, without wasting much time, and without leaving a “patch.”

Cheap designs have little flexibility and very difficult to make changes, because they are carried out with little time, ignoring standards that simplify the task, but make it impossible to maintain or subsequent amendments.

Our guarantee commitments

A High quality web design can only be achieved with:

  • as graphic design, developed by specialists in graphic arts, which are capable of creating Web art
  • Safe programming, since all components Web Products are programmed and tested before being served, and are used daily by thousands of users
  • service Web hosting (hosting) controlled, and available only to customers, hosting web sites only and professional use
  • taking care of other aspects of the website, telling if necessary with Additional services


The difference between web design companies and a cheaper quality is the number of hours that they work, and professionalism of those working on it.

If this site were a car, a cheap car goes, and has four wheels, but will not give the size in difficult situations, lack of amenities, and is not safe. If you will use it only to go to the next street, is valid, but if you travel, the cheapest option is too risky.

So, if you intend to have a website number one, saving is equivalent to throwing money simply buying what is not capable of being number one.

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