What are the Problems do Cataract Patients Face?

cataract patients

A cataract is the third most significant cause of blindness. According to the WHO/NPCB survey, over 17 million people are blind due to cataract. It is known as the cause of vision loss, and it occurs to the age of people above 40. There are different types of cataract: Nuclear sclerotic, Cortical and posterior subcapsular.

The leading causes of cataract are Diabetes, Smoking, Family History, Obesity, Significant Alcohol Consumption, previous eye surgery and much more. Due to cataract, Patients have to face a lot of problems in their life.

Let’s Discuss what challenges do Cataract Patients face:

1)  Blurry Vision : 

The most common issues that cataract patients face is Blurry Vision. It is one of the leading cause of cataract, and it all started by slowly blurring your vision. Although by using spectacles, you can overcome the blurriness for the long-term it is not good.

Blurred vision occurs in both the eyes but many people face it in one eye only. Cataract Surgery should be performed as soon as possible before the immature cataract becomes mature.

2)  Poor Night Vision :

When Cataract Patients are put to the light in a dark environment, the light will be too intense for the eyes. This problem occurs due to cataract, but the other reason can be a lack of vitamin A. The cataract patient should eat a lot of carrots and leafy vegetables which keeps the retina healthy.

Patients with a health issue that can’t eat a lot of vegetables and nutrients, then you must be suffering from weak and lousy night vision. Sunlight Exposure can also be a reason for poor night vision. One should always wear sunglasses while going out to prevent direct light into the eyes. 

3) Frequent Change in Optical Power:

One of the main symptoms of cataract is Frequently changing optical power. Spectacles can also need to change for those who need it for reading or visual aid.

The optical lens should be replaced once in two or three years as prescribed by the doctor. Visions also change due to eye growth If they are already wearing sunglasses. So, Frequently changing the optical lens can also be a huge symptom for the cataract.

4)  Headaches

Headaches are the most common problem that most of the cataract patients face. Headaches can be due to pressure and tension on the eyes. As the vision decreases, the eyes started working more harder, and the stress on the eyes can cause headaches. Diffraction causes difficulties for the eyes to gather the image and to receive the lights. Sometimes it also leads to migraine as well.

5)  Double Vision 

Due to clouding at the eye Lens, The single object may appear double for a single eye or both the eyes. It is also called diplopia. If the patient is suffering from diplopia, then it becomes complicated for the patient to move their eyes, left or right, up or down, and he/she will also feel the pain.


So, these were some of the common problems that most of the cataract patients face. Cataract surgery should be done before the cataract becomes mature from immature. If the cataract surgery is not well treated, it can make the person blind, and it can also cause a reduction of vision in the eyes.

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