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What makes Stylam the best Laminate Brand in India?

Best Laminate Brand in India

The best laminate brand in India makes the high-pressure decorative laminates for home and industry use and derives over 70% of revenue from the export market from over 60 countries. 

Stylam is one among the best Laminate Brand in India because they try to serve their customers with the utmost integrity and to their entire satisfaction. Furthermore, they are a maker of Laminates in India who intend to certain their homework by constant self-improvement combined with growth in their team and operations while still maintaining a financial benefit for all those clients, workers, and community.

The company is doubling its capacity to nearly 12 mn sheets with a greenfield project at an estimated Capex of Rs 600 mn, which is likely to complete by July 2016. Almost 35% of the new capacity is dedicated to a wider sheet (14ftX6ft), where Stylam would be a pioneer in India and has a huge demand in the export market (commands 10%-15% premium over regular sheets). 

Further, the company is strengthening its presence in the domestic market with direct penetration, giving better margins and higher brand recall.

Stylam’s products Manufacturing

Stylam is becoming the best laminate brand in India and even Asia. They manufacture some good quality laminates for your home and office spaces. These are mentioned below –

  • High-Pressure laminates(HPL): HPL is made of resin or small beads impregnated cellulose layers, which are consolidated under heat and high pressure. The various layers are given below:
  • Overlay paper, it serves to improve the abrasion, scratch, and heat-resistance
  • Decorative paper, it defines the design and is composed of colored or printed paper
  • Kraft paper is used as a core material and controls product thickness.

After the papers are impregnated with the resins or small beads, the three layers of paper/resin are placed into a press that simultaneously applies heat (120 °C) and pressure (5 MPa). The pressing operation allows the thermoset resins or small beads to flow into the paper, then subsequently cure into a consolidated sheet with a density greater than 1.35 g/cm3. At the time of the press cycle, the decorative surface can also be cured while in contact with a textured surface to create one of the various surface finishes.

HPL consists of more than 60 to 70% paper, with the remaining 30 to 40% a combination of phenol-formaldehyde resin or small beads for the core layers and melamine-formaldehyde resin or small beads for the surface layer. Both resins belong to a class of thermosetting resins that crosslink during the press cycle creating irreversible chemical bonds that produce a nonreactive, stable material with characteristics different and superior to those of the component parts.

HPL is produced using both continuous and discontinuous manufacturing processes. It is supplied in sheet form in a variety of sizes, thicknesses and surface finishes.

  • Low-Pressure Laminates(LPL): LPL is defined as a plastic laminate molded and cured at pressures in general of 400 pounds per square inch.

Advantages of Stylam Products

Wide Variety

With the amalgamation of contemporary engineering, architectural ability and artists’ imagination, the variety of decorative laminates and their designs are unlimited. The fantastic thing is that advancements have got you free from restrictions that once existed at the home decor industry. It might be any colour, texture or design, you name it and your decorative laminates catalogue has it.

Easy Customisation

Using designer laminates makes sure there is something for every kind of requirement. Based on how you have arranged the rest of the room, you may pick the laminate layout and make it customized depending on your tastes.

Accommodation for Charging taste

Variety is a part of the spice of life. There have been a number of instances where folks have a tendency to get bored with the current look of their residence and desire some modifications to spruce up their location. While rock and hardwood are two of the most commonly used substances in renovation projects, they entail intricate installation and other related procedures that have a lot of time.


Here made from a composite of protective and moisturizing substances, decorative laminates are built to last. Moreover, resilience to stains and damage further increases the lifespan of decorative laminates. The fact that laminate is lasting makes up for all its costs and offer the customers with full value for their money.

Affordable and easy to maintain

Organic materials are like wood or stone entail substantial costs. The installation process, in addition to the price of the material used for laminates, is not quite as high the conventional alternatives, which explains why their increasing usage in both residential and commercial projects. Moreover, since they are simple to keep, it further reduces your long-term costs.

Wrapping Up

Everybody knows that Stylam has made the best laminate brand in India and even in Asia, which uses high-level technology for manufacturing products. If you are going to build or decor your rooms then you can visit STYLAM and the advantages of its products, it may be perfect for you. Even though you can see the manufacturing of the product, its mentioned on the above.

If you need more info, visit: STYLAM

Or Call: +91-172-5021555, +91-172-5021666

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