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Summer is the season of the holidays. Now people are increasingly planning their own vacation and increasingly plan it in the format of “road travel.”
What products can you take with you on the road, so that the journey was not only cognitive, but also delicious? Food on the road should be primarily convenient: to make it convenient to eat, convenient to transport, convenient to store. Therefore, to begin with, we will determine the basic qualities of road products.

The principle of two “NO”. “No” – to sharp smells, “no” – to garbage. Do not stock up on food with strong odors, even if you like them very much. After about two hours, all the smells will start to irritate you. In addition, do not forget about fellow travelers.
Food, from which a lot of garbage, crumbs and extra packaging, is also not the most successful option on the road, especially if you are traveling by car.

It seems that there is simply no food that would meet all these requirements. However, it is not so. Almost all products can be taken on the road. The only thing you need to know is in what form it is better to include them in the road menu.
Vegetables and fruits. Vegetables are a perfect option not only for the main course, but also for snacks. Sliced carrots, apples, sweet pepper straws – a useful alternative to all snacks in the form of chips, seeds and biscuits. Fruits are better not to take whole, because they are very heavy – take them sliced and eat one at a time, for example, as an afternoon snack. This will diversify your diet. In hermetic containers, you can cut a variety of vegetable salads. Vegetables are good not only in the form of salads – vegetable fritters and cutlets from zucchini, pumpkins, carrots and potatoes are good even not heated.

Sandwiches. Sandwiches are perhaps the most common food that is usually taken on the road. You can make them with vegetables, meat and cheeses. Sauces, condiments, any greens – it’s only your imagination. It is better to use gray bread, as it contains less calories.
Meat. Those who cannot do without nutritious meat dinners on the road, should take baked meat. If you cook a dish in foil, then take it on a trip, if not, it is advisable to put the meat in foil. Use spices – rosemary, oregano, garlic, tarragon – these are good natural preservatives. Meat should be well baked. Medium roast and steak with blood are not good on the road.

Snacks. A quick, easy snack is needed in any road trip. Nuts, pastilles, dried fruits, granola and muesli in glasses or in the form of bars. It is not only delicious, but also very useful snacks.

Dessert. Sweet-heads can’t imagine their journey without at least one chocolate bar. However, chocolate quickly melts, so this is not the best option for sweets on the road. Chocolate can be replaced with natural candies without dyes, delicious small muffins and jam in portioned packages. You can also take marshmallows, pastille and marmalade.

In fact, the rules for collecting food on the road are very simple, and even going on a journey is a pleasant process. The main thing to remember is that food on the road should be comfortable, tasty and useful.
Bon appetite and travel!

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Melisa Marzett
Meet Melisa Marzett, skillful and talented writer. You are welcome to read your posts at Star Writers essay writing service. You will be truly impressed by her amazing style of writing.

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