What to Look For in an Online Payment Gateway Integration Solutions


For services that are aiming to accept credit card payments online, security is always an issue. You want to be able to assure your clients that their essential financial numbers are not going to be misused, but if you have the numbers stored on a computer, they are susceptible to a hacker attack. The option? An online payment gateway solution.

What It Is

These companies offer a technique of validating credit cards in real time by sending the information right away to a bank. There is no information saved anywhere since it is just transferred. If the card is not reported taken or wanted for scams, then the deal will be continued.

There countless advantages to utilizing this innovation. For one, no stored credit info means that the customer’s payments are as safe and secure as they can be, something the business can promote when encouraging sales. Many individuals are wary of paying online and the assurance of protected processing tends to assist them decide to buy.

Another advantage to the business is a big reduction in the number of taken or fraudulent card numbers being used, which secures the business from monetary loss. While it isn’t really possible to totally get rid of making use of invalid card numbers, using a system like this will definitely keep the problems to a minimum.

How to Choose best payment gateway solutions.


Not all companies are the same. While all process the info in a comparable manner, online services need to ensure that they are selecting the right payment gateway company for their business. It’s a great idea to take a look at several companies and read reviews if possible so you can get a much better concept of what to get out of every one.


Among the most important areas to look at when picking payment gateway integration solutions is which shopping carts they support. For companies that are just getting started, this isn’t really a big problem because they can establish a shopping cart that can be quickly integrated with the payment service of their choice. If the business already has a shopping cart and has set it up with their items, possibilities are, they will desire to find a company that will work with the cart the business is already using.

It’s essential to examine the rates and fees. Some companies charge a fixed rate per deal, others will charge a percentage. Compare prices to be sure your business is getting the best deal for the number and kind of payments that your company will be receiving. For example, if the majority of a business’ products are under $10, a fixed fee of $1 per deal will be more than a percentage of 2.5% per deal, however if the majority of the sales are over $50, the fixed cost is far more affordable.

Payment gateway companies are not required in order to work online, but they should definitely be considered. Selecting the best one is extremely important, since it can affect the future of your business.


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