Which Brand of Air Conditioner Is Best To Defeat The Heat?


Out of all the existing brands, it becomes hard to choose your best suitable AC. You are more likely to get confused about which one to buy. Window AC or split AC, inverter AC or non-inverter AC, what would be the capacity, and all other things leave you confused. Out of all, the number of brands available in the market can make your choice even more confusing.

So, let’s check out the specification and brands that can get you the best split ac for your room.

Godrej 1.25 split 3-star inverter AC

Priced at 30,000 INR, Godrej AC comes with a copper coiled condensing processor. This processor is efficient enough to cool a large room. With an R32 refrigerant, it is equipped with eco-friendly measures. It consumes lower energy and no manual regulation is required. Also, it helps to keep your room free of humidity and bacteria, with the help of Hydrophilic fins.

Lastly, the best part of purchasing this Godrej AC or even any other product is that the warranty period stays no less than 10 years. If you have a budget to keep, you can settle for this Godrej AC.

Voltas 1.5 ton 3-star split Ac

Voltas ACs are popular for producing an affordable inverter split AC. A perfect suit for medium to large rooms, this AC, starting from 1.5 tons can cool your room quickly without making much noise. Also, the unique features are mainly the antibacterial filter, automatic regulation system, as well as the smart, LED display.

It comes with a warranty of 5 years. So, if 30,000 INR is your budget, just like Godrej AC, Voltas AC can also be your companion.

Blue Star 1.2 ton 3-star inverter AC

When it comes to water purifiers, Blue Star is a popular brand in the market. However, it has successfully penetrated the market for selling split ACs too. The best part about purchasing this AC is the energy efficiency that you get. Along with a dual rotational compressor, it can produce a good cooling effect for your room.

Within the price of a good 35,000 INR, this can be a good suit for cooling large-sized rooms too. Get a 10 years warranty, which is a little more than Godrej AC.

Lloyd 1 ton 3-star split AC

Stuffed with all the required technologies, Llyod AC can be the most affordable on this list. You can get exclusive three modes which you can switch accordingly. The modes are the fan mode, the cooler mode, and lastly, the turbo mode. With a double side swing and hidden LED, this AC also can change up to -48 degrees.

Priced at just 26,000 INR, you can get an even cheaper one as compared to the others. Also, it comes with a 5 years warranty on the motor and 1 year on the condenser. But you can’t still compare the features Godrej AC is having.  

LG 1.5-Ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC 

If allergy and dust are your primary concern because of a few health issues, then this one is going to be the best in price. With a dual filtration process, it is capable of keeping the pollutants away from your room. Even the humid conditions will not affect the air inside the room. You can get monsoon-friendly cooling performance with LG ACs.

You will be completely free from any bacteria and mold formed because of various reasons. With the auto clean technology, you won’t even need to think about manually checking if the system is being cleaned or not.

Panasonic 1.5 ton 3 star

One of the latest models of AC, other than Godrej ACs, is this one produced by Panasonic. This AC is capable of operating with the latest features. Connect your AC with wi-fi, or detect the amount of humid cooling is there in the room. Moreover, with a 2.5 PM filter, this AC can also suspend the dust present in air particles and prevent them from spreading all around the room.

From large to medium-sized rooms, this AC can do wonders. With dual cool inverters present in the system, you also get a lower energy consumption feature to spend on. Additionally, you can also get a 10 years warranty on the product. Although this one is priced higher than the other on the list, still you can consider purchasing this out of your budget. This wonderful Panasonic AC is priced at 50,000 INR.

Summer or not, buying AC can always be exciting. Especially, if you are buying the technology stuffed godrej ac that has been popularized for the exclusive features it has. Also, check out other ACs according to your choice. From mid-ranged to higher, go for the best one that suits your needs with Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. You can check out the products on the EMI store having multitudes of options for you!

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