Which is Better for our Health, a Microwave Oven or an OTG?

Microwave Oven


Many of the Indian customers will agree that ovens have a vital to play in their lives. However, when it comes to selecting the best oven for you can be confusing. Yes, you may be in a dilemma when it comes to choosing between microwave ovens and OTGs.

If yes, then you don’t need to worry because this post will discuss the major differences between these oven types so that you can make the best buying decision. Hence you will come to know which is better OTG or microwave. Read on!

What are OTGs?

The short form of OTG is Oven, toaster and griller. As it is clear by its name, an OTG can be ideal for baking, roasting and grilling. OTGs are not only portable and small, but they also don’t need any additional help for installation. What’s more, they also use minimal electricity and are often known as economic ovens. 

What are the advantages of OTG ovens?

OTG ovens are economical oven, and hence, they are one of the favourites of the Indian kitchen. Here are the benefits of owning an OTG. 

  • OTGs are portable – You can easily move these types of ovens as compared to microwave ovens as they are lightweight. 
  • OTGs are economical than microwave ovens – The price of a reliable OTG model in India starts as low as Rs.2,000 onwards. 
  • You don’t need to buy additional accessories – With OTG ovens, you don’t need to buy a griller and toaster separately, and it means you can save huge. 
  • OTGs use less power than microwave ovens – The electricity consumption of an OTG is much lower than that of a microwave oven. It means that you can save while using them and making your favourite delicacies. 

What are Microwave ovens?

Microwave ovens are a type of electromagnetic waves that lie between radio waves and the infrared radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum. The microwave oven is an ideal device that you can use as an ideal kitchen appliance.

It can be used to grill, reheat and bake. They are helpful in cooking an array of dishes. Some of the popular dishes that you can cook in it are chicken grills, pizza, muffins, popcorn and among others.

The key advantage of owning a microwave oven is that it cooks in minutes to save your time and efforts. A convection microwave lets you cook a whole meal as you can enjoy grilling, baking and other options. 

What are the advantages of Microwave ovens?

Microwave ovens are one of the fastest options to cook an entire meal without investing in too much time. 

  • Takes much lesser time to cook than OTG – Many items in a microwave oven can take around 5 minutes when compared to 15 minutes taken by an OTG. 
  • The baking quality of microwave oven is great – Yes, compared to OTGs, you can bake items in a microwave oven with better quality. 
  • LCD display panels – Microwave oven makes it easy to configure recipes with the LCD display panel. You can also enjoy auto cook facility. 
  • Multi-purpose– Microwave ovens are also known as multi-purpose ovens suitable for reheating, baking and even defrosting. 

You can buy an OTG if you want an economical oven and microwave oven for a one-time investment. 

Buy an OTG and Microwave oven on easy EMIs and save 

If you don’t want to spend the entire price of any of your preferred item at once, then you can use the Bajaj Finserv EMI card to divide the cost over a tenor. As a result, you can pay only fixed EMIs and nothing extra.

You can also submit your KYC documents along with a cancelled cheque at an outlet to get your credit limit and pay for your purchases on affordable EMIs.

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