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Making a fast buck without twitching a muscle ranks first among pipe dreams.

While most games require elaborate planning, a sliver of luck and tons of strategizing, there are few games which are a cakewalk.

Striking it rich in the lottery is a dream that we have nurtured at the back of our minds. Whether it is scratch cards, EuroMillions or lotto jackpot, it requires some strategy to win. Read on to find which games are easy wins. 

Here we have compiled a list of games that are easy to breeze through and bulk up your bank balance:

Scratch Cards

This is the easiest game to play and requires minimal investment. No wonder this has remained an all-time favourite with adept betters. All you need to do is scratch off the opaque layer, and the jackpot could be yours.

Amp up your chances by learning to pick the right combination of symbols and numbers.  


Winning at this game is more than mere luck. The game is easy to master, and all you need to do is identify the right numbers that have every chance at being chosen.

Take your pick from four to eight numbers for the optimal mix, and the prize could be yours. 


This game is far from being the beginner’s intimidation. Learn the rules before betting and pick your betting style. Place your chips on your choice of numbers or colours.

Wait for the croupier to slide the ball into the wheel and walk away with bags of money. 

Slot Games 

Slot games have garnered immense popularity thanks to their intuitive graphics and ease of playing.

They also offer decent profitability and winnings over other casino games.

Try your luck at Lottoland to make a tidy profit, it’s the world leader in the online lotteries market. 


Realize your dream of becoming rich by choosing to bet on the mogul game of them all. Even though the prize money is big, the odds of winning are quite high.

EuroMillions work on choosing seven random numbers accurately. Choose the first five from a set of 1-50 while the remaining two from 1-12. You need to have all seven digits accurately predicted to claim your prize.  

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French Lotto

This game has the highest odds at winning compared to the plethora of other lotto options available. Choose five numbers from 1-49 and a chance number from 1-10.

Cross your fingers and wait for the results to be announced every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Not only is this easy to understand, but your odds also stand at 1/6 to win. 


The lottery does indeed promise the thrill of the gamble, a slight chance of winning and a ton of uncertainty. It is also worthy to note that the prize money offered in lieu of the investment is humungous.

You have to remember that while the lottery offers a pathway to easy money, it also requires some planning and strategizing.

Make sure to utilize your resources and money optimally to make informed decisions.











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