The Importance Of Property Condition Reports In Perth

property condition report in Perth

PCR (Property Condition Reports) comes to the rescue in the times when landlords and tenants end up with a verbal spat or a debate in court.  

The report basically covers the terms and conditions of the rental property, agreed by both landlord and tenant during the commencement of a tenancy. 

The report guarantees the safekeeping of the landlord’s investment in the property. But if anything has been missed or left unwritten in the documents, the tenant will be free of allegations linked with the wear, tear or damage to the property.

Hence, it becomes essential for a landlord to mention everything in detail on the becomes essential. 

Here’s a walkthrough on some critical points describing why Property Condition Report is crucial. 

Stay Sorted on Wear or Tear

Even a scratch on the window or fading of the carpet’s colour can lead to the infringement of the terms and conditions of the PCR. Upon the commencement of the tenancy, if all windows, curtains, and other items are in excellent condition, as mentioned in the PCR too, the tenant will be obliged to roll his sleeves up and return them back to their original state by the end of the lease.  

Accountability for Damages

Accountability for the damages comes to light through a property condition report. Damage could be a hole in the wall, a crack on the floor or leakage in the pipeline. If the PCR tells that tenant was accountable for the repair during the start of the tenancy, he’ll have to bear the cost of it. 

Tackling Disputes

Tackling disputes is much easier before the matter reaches the court and wastes both parties’ precious time and money. By the start of the tenancy, if the floor was well cleaned, the carpet was brand new, and luckily you have all signed it in the report, the tenant will take it into account. Similarly, he will be obliged to provide you with the same in its original position. In case he refrains from blame, the landlords can take the property condition report in Perth to the legal authorities too. 

The Gardens

Ignored most often, but a garden can also be covered in the PCR. Your property had beautiful trees and brushes at the entrance, the backyard had a tree, and then you turned up at the end of tenancy and found fake turf and a poorly managed backyard. No doubt, it’s time to discuss the matter with PCR.  

Good Working Order

If electronic machines, doors and windows were in well-working conditions during the start of the tenancy, and the tenant has also agreed on it through PCR. He/She will be obliged to return them to their original working condition by the end of the tenancy. 

The Bottom Line

So if you are about to give your property on lease, then make sure you have every necessary point covered in the property condition report WA. It isn’t a quick process; with extreme caution, all topics must be described in brief so that no issue arrives by the end of the lease. 

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