Getting The Most Out Of Your First Visit To Croatia

First Visit To Croatia

Croatia contains numerous natural wonders and historical sites that are bound to amaze any traveler. The beaches of Croatia are golden stretches of sand, the valleys are vast expanses of lush greenery, and the mountains are the shining examples of the grandeur of nature. Equally alluring is the architecture of the region that ranges from medieval churches and mighty forts to opulent palaces and serene monasteries. With so many delightful places to visit, it is hard to create an itinerary for a first time visitor, but here are some activities that will allow you to witness the different facets of the country on your maiden trip.

Visit Brac Island And Its Iconic Beach Zlatni Rat

 First Visit To Croatia

Brac Island is famous for its horn-shaped Zlatni Rat Beach, whose unique appearance has given it the moniker of the Golden Horn of Croatia. This white pebbled beach pierces the brilliant blue waters of the Adriatic Sea and is the perfect spot for sunbathing and windsurfing. A short hike away from the beach is the Dragon’s Cave, which is known for the ancient carvings of mythical symbols that adorn its walls. Other attractions on this enchanting island include the stone sculptures of the Supetar Mausoleum and the churches and museums at Skrip, the oldest settlement of Brac.

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Relive Medieval Times In The City Of Dubrovnik

 First Visit To Croatia

The city of Dubrovnik holds a special place on the map of Croatia owing to its rustic charm and architectural elegance. The most striking features of this city include the majestic stone walls that once protected the Old Town from intruders, the main street called Stradun that is adorned with sculptures and fountains, and the opulent Sponza Palace that is a popular venue for weddings. Other places worth exploring include the Gothic Rector’s Palace, the imposing Lovrijenac Fort that guards the shores, and the mesmerizing Dubrovnik Cathedral.

Enjoy The Natural Beauty Of The Krka National Park

 First Visit To Croatia

The landscape of Croatia is dotted by several sprawling national parks but the Krka National Park steals the show due to the series of gurgling waterfalls that mark the terrain. The cascades of Skradinski Buk and Roski Slap pour into turquoise blue pools of water, creating a magical sight, while the tranquil Krka River adds hints of blue to the tapestry of greenery. The national park is also home to the Krka Monastery that displays some fine Romanesque architecture and the Visovac Island that holds an ancient Franciscan Monastery.

See The Remains Of The Roman Culture In Pula City

 First Visit To Croatia

A magnificent city of the Istrian Peninsula, Pula is most famous for the well-preserved remains of the Roman civilization that stand untarnished in the face of time. The iconic monument of the city is the 1st-century Roman amphitheater called the Arena, which now serves as the venue for cultural events. Other historical gems include the Triumphal Arch of Sergius that dates back to 27 BC and the Pula Cathedral that holds the relics of ancient saints. One must also visit the Roman Floor Mosaic and the Temple of Augustus to catch a few more glimpses of the Roman era.

These delightful activities will reveal the diverse cultural aspects during your first vacation in Croatia. If you wish to admire the best sights and sounds that Croatia has to offer, then you definitely must not forget to include these items in your Croatian itinerary.

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