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7 Reasons You Should Hire a Social Media Manager Today

Social Media Manager

Nobody needs to tell you that social media has taken over. You probably have a few social media accounts of your own. These platforms have become just as important to individuals as they have to businesses. If your business doesn’t already employ someone to manage your social media presence, you should seriously consider getting one.

  1. It’s Easier to Target Your Marketing Efforts

Marketing is a waste of time if you have no way to measure your results. You need to know how much you’re spending, and what kind of return you’re getting. A social media manager will keep track of those statistics while making necessary adjustments to a marketing campaign that’s beginning to veer off course. You’re getting the most for your money that way.

  1. You Can Create a Better Customer Service Plan

ClickSoftware created a helpful graphic that explains the relationship between businesses on social media and their customer service relationships with their audiences. These statistics were gathered in 2012, and things haven’t changed. Social media customer service is here to stay. You wouldn’t go without a customer service manager for phone and email support, and you shouldn’t go without a social media manager to lead your support efforts online.

Social Media Manager

  1. The Right Manager Can Expand Your Audience

Great posts create large followings. Look at what brands like Wendy’s are doing on social media. They’re known for their responsiveness and their brand’s sense of humor. People follow just for the laughs, and their posts go viral. They wouldn’t have such a strong and successful presence if they didn’t have an effective social media manager to direct their efforts. Even spontaneous comedy has an underlying structure and a little demographic research behind it.

Social Media Manager

  1. Dedicated Professionals Increase Productivity

If you don’t have a social media manager, that means that the effort of running your social profiles falls into the lap of someone who has another job to do. You’re sacrificing productivity in one area to dedicate it to another. It’s time to type up your wanted ad for Gumtree. Social media management is a full time job. When you’re throwing that expectation onto someone who has other work to do, progress may suffer across the board.

  1. You Can Keep Your Business Safe

You need clear social media policies regarding the way your employees can interact with or communicate either through or about your company on social media. Someone needs to implement these policies, and make sure that they’re followed. Companies have even found themselves in costly legal battles over social media matters, and you don’t want to follow in their footsteps.

  1. You’ll strengthen Your Branding

One of the most important elements of branding is your brand’s voice. This voice is what makes you memorable and helps you connect to your customers. It needs to be consistent in advertisements, marketing emails, and social media posts. Your social media manager will help you develop your brand’s voice, and apply it to everything you post online.

  1. It’s Easier to Speak to Your Customers

Communication is one of the most powerful tools on the planet. You need strong communicators who are eager to interact with the comments and questions your audience leaves in response to your posts. Your social media manager will head your team, assigning roles to the members and making sure that every relevant comment gets the kind of response it deserves.

A social media manager will be the panacea to your online woes. If your social efforts aren’t yielding the results you expected, they’ll turn around when you put the problem into capable hands. All of your competitors have social media managers – can you afford to go without one?

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