How To Experience Hong Kong Like A Local


Hong Kong is without a doubt one of the most exciting touristic destinations in the world. Visiting the city and exploring all of its wonderful attractions is a great and unforgettable activity.

But if you’d like to experience Hong Kong in a unique way, and to feel like a local, there are some things that you should know.

Further on we will get you up to speed with what you need to experience, in order to embrace the true spirit of this wonderful city.

Visit Historic Temples

Hong Kong is known for its rich history and culture. So what better way to witness the glorious period of this city, than visiting its astonishing vestiges?

The historic temples managed to pass the test of time and to be as shining and imposing, as in their golden era.

There are many temples that are waiting to be visited, but the most interesting is Wong Tai Sin Temple. This vestige features many motifs from Chinese architecture, combined with a gold roof and red pillars.

The Ten Thousand Buddha’s Monastery or Sha Tin will surprise you with its glory. Being over 8 hectares wide, this construction is a true sanctuary of spirituality and wonder.

Despite the name, Sha Tin at this point features more than 13,000 Buddha statues, all crafted in different styles and sizes.

Enjoy The View From Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is considered the main attraction of Hong Kong, mostly because of its amazing view. Still, on your way up, you will also have an amazing time.

The main conveyance to Victoria Peak is a funicular, which is over 200 years old. The team will take you through the forests and the skyscrapers, providing a unique feeling.

While you’re on the Peak, you will be graced with the view of the entire city. Don’t forget your camera, because this is the most iconic place in the whole Hong Kong area.

If you want a slightly different experience, you should visit the Peak right after the sunset.

The view is totally different at this time of the day, and you will witness the whole city being embracing in a show of night lights and colors.

Visit Lantau Island And See The Big Buddha

Lantau Island is just a few minutes away from the city, and it can be reached by ferry. The Po Lin Monastery is the biggest attraction here, along with its Big Buddha statue.

Designed as a 34 meters bronze statue, this piece of art draws thousands of pilgrims, from entire Asia.

However, everybody can visit it, no matter of religion, and admire this astonishing monument in all of its glory.

Have A Breakfast At A Dai Pai Dong

There are many prestige Michelin restaurants in Hong Kong, but if you want to experience the culinary heritage of this city, you should have your breakfast at a Dai Pai Dong.

There are many such restaurants in Hong Kong, and the whole cooking and eating process will be a truly unique experience for you.

At a Dai Pai Dong, the chef cooks the food in front of you, on a big wok. You will have the chance to observe his work, the impressive techniques, and maybe even be tempted to try it by yourself.

You will get surprised how even common food like fried eggs or bacon, taste so much better when prepared on a wok.

Pamper Yourself At A Spa

You can find a spa virtually everywhere, but the ones in Hong Kong are special. These treatment saloons, practice some traditional techniques, over 2000 years old.

The spa centers are the perfect places for you to relax, rejuvenate and at the same time experience an important part of Hong Kong’s heritage.

A traditional spa also provides some traditional Hong Kong massage therapies, worthy of kings and queens. A massage session combined with a spa therapy will make you go back in time, where only royalty could afford this type of luxury.

Hong Kong will always be an amazing city, but if you want to truly experience it, you have to embrace its culture and traditions.

Take full advantage of every second spent there, as the city holds plenty of interesting activities just waiting to be discovered.

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