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budget hotel dubai
budget hotel dubai

Living in luxury is a dream for everyone and only some peoples can achieve that because of the budget. The luxury is always expensive at all the time and normal people cannot afford it. The seven star rated hotels are the most expensive hotels in the world. According to my suggestion, four star rated hotels are the best choice for the peoples who seek a luxury budget hotel dubai. The four-star hotel is expensive but not much as the seven star or five-star hotels. When we are choosing four-star hotel it provides us a better service and the price is less than comparing with a five-star hotel. The services of a four-star hotel are always better because they want to grow up so they try to provide their best service to all the customers.

The four-star hotels provide a better service and their rooms are very good. The quality of service and the quality of the property is very important in choosing a hotel. The four-star hotels are the good choice for a family because of the standard. Every hotel must have their own standard and the major benefit of the four-star hotel is they always try to become five-star rating so they are always focusing on improving their standard. The four-star hotels try to become five stars so they provide some facilities of five-star hotels and they cannot charge as five-star hotels so you can easily get services of five-star hotels in four-star hotel price.


The rating of Hotel is very different in different countries. The difference is based on the quality and standard provided by the hotels. For example, a five-star hotel facility in Africa is entirely different from a hotel in Dubai. In Dubai maybe the facilities of a three-star hotel are equal to the five-star hotel in Africa. Like these different countries have a different standard, so the quality of service is fully based on that. if you are a tourist you can easily understand the differences between the standard of hotels. The standard of countries is very different so the standard of hotels should always different. The hotels show the culture of the country and this is also entirely different with others.

Hospitality Department

The hospitality departments are the all-rounders in a hotel and they are responsible for providing all services to the customers. The room services, laundry, room cleaning etc are the duties comes under the hospitality department. The hospitality department is taking care of the customers when the time of their check-in to the check-out. The service providers of a hotel are hospitality department. In a four star hotel, the hospitality department will take care of the quality of service provided according to the standard of the hotel.

If you go for hotels below four star it helps to save your cash but it cannot provide the proper standard or we cannot say it as a luxury hotel. Below four-star rating hotels are commonly for budgeted tourists or peoples. But the hotels purely neat and clean. The amenities of four-star hotels are near to five-star hotels so you don’t need to compromise on the quality of service. By selecting four-star hotels you will get both luxury and keep your budget. There are suit rooms and luxury rooms in four-star hotels which are near to the service of five-star hotels. There are plenty of four-star hotels in the world and you can choose which is best by comparing its facilities and rates.

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