Importance of Super mobile App to combine various features into one

Super mobile App

Super mobile App allows you to use different features into one app. This allows you to translate message into many languages, share photos and even pay for services.

With ‘Super app’, users can now access several features that would be available with numerous stand alone applications. This blog post discusses about what super app actually is and how it can help in the form of an opportunity.

Super app combines together different features

With the development of mobile applications, the world is following WeChat which is the Chinese super app combining various functions into one app. There are several benefits of this app for the users and some of these are:

  • Translate your message into many languages
  • Talk over the phone
  • Share photographs
  • Pay for different services

However, it is yet unknown if there is a super app that will rule over the West in the same way like WChat dominates in China.

Facebook Messenger is the super app in the West that offers its services through ‘bots’ to several companies. Presently, Messenger combines with different solutions that include – weather services, news and games.

Earlier, Facebook had announced that they added beta version of ‘buy’ button in September 2016. This has started the new revenue system for retail sector and others who sell their products with the help of Messenger. With purchasing feature, a Facebook account holder can view an advertisement, ‘Buy’, get redirected to Messenger page and then purchase the product.

Other sectors should use a super app

What is the importance of super app for companies that are developing new apps and working to increase their knowledge, use frequency, downloads and recommendations?

With high competition between the traditional sectors, there is greater interest in creating super apps that will gather services across industries and markets. Some utility apps such as weather, banking or taxi services are suitable, but you will also find more opportunities with lifestyle, gaming and media.

Another method is to avail benefit of other super apps, like Facebook Messenger and use them as a medium for displaying your products or services.

6 Important Questions related to Super Apps

  1. Who are your present customers?
  2. What kind of apps and media are they using?
  3. Should you possess the data collected from the users?
  4. Is there any specific feature you could incorporate with Facebook Messenger?
  5. Would it be of any value for users and your business to collect functions or apps into one super app?
  6. Are there certain rules and regulations that would be applicable for your business with respect to super apps?

Are you looking for a professional who can help you get valuable information on Super Apps? You may talk to mobile application developers who can suggest if it is the right solution for your business needs.

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