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Best Tips to Enhance the Entire Look of Your Kitchen


Lighting usually happens to be the last thing considered when it comes to the kitchen design and unfortunately the very first thing cut from a budget.

Undoubtedly, the designs matter to a considerable extent but the kitchen needs to be properly lit in order to come up with its best version in terms of ambiance as well as functionality.

It takes more than just a set of stylish fixtures to get your kitchen space associated with perfect and latest kitchen designs.

In fact, an effective plan blends lighting into decorative and architectural details of the room.

Glare, But Appropriately

Where most of the people go wrong when it comes to the kitchen lighting is that they try to light the entire room with one ceiling-mounted fixture.

Consequently, sort of a white-headed glare bomb is created that visually overpowers and stimulates almost everything in the space.

However, the place like a kitchen should have elegant lighting as the harshly-lit space ruins the entire cooking tempo.

As per the experts, the recessed lighting isn’t really a good option to get along with especially if it’s installed in a generic grid.

Ironically, many people do it incorrectly, and they’ll end up with harsh light in some areas and shadows everywhere else.

For sure, that’s not what you are looking for since you are really serious about having the enticing kitchen space.

Layered Look Goes Better

Time for the reality check and an ultimate guide for the latest kitchen designs! As per the rules and standards, no single light source can provide the necessary light for a kitchen space.

A well-lit kitchen layers four different types of light.

It’s essential for every kitchen remodel to include the following:

  • Task Lighting:

It is, mainly, the workhorse of illumination that offers adequate light for tasks such as; chopping vegetables, reading recipes and etc.

The best placement of task lighting actually lies between a person’s head and the work surface and is usually located below the upper cabinets.

In case your kitchen remodel includes a pantry, just make sure to add the task lighting there as well.

  • Ambient lighting:

This type of lighting creates a warm glow that’s elegantly spread into the whole room.

Moreover, it softens shadows and also helps in making people feel warmly welcome in a kitchen. If you are looking for the perfect spot for ambient lighting, don’t miss the space over the cabinets.

Sometimes, the cabinet reaches the ceiling but mostly, it’s not the case. If your cabinets don’t go all the way to the ceiling, just use that space smartly and get the ambient light installed there.

This particular type of lighting puts huge impact over how your kitchen looks and it’s of those types that are mostly overlooked.

  • Accent lighting:

It’s known to be quite a dynamic type of lighting that gives depth and dimension to your kitchen space.

Mostly, the accent lighting is installed inside the glass front cabinets and illuminates glassware, china, and other collections. These are particularly the low voltage yet adjustable fixtures normally used to spotlight the art.

  • Decorative lighting:

For sure, this can’t be left unspoken since we are talking about the latest kitchen designs and elegant lighting ideas.

This type of lighting is particularly referred to as architectural jewelry. Alongside keeping up with the entire ambiance and classy look, it adds an enticing sparkle to space.

  • Dim the Lights

Just like any other room in the house, the ability to adjust lights and their intensity in the kitchen is ideal. While cooking, a bright punch of illumination surely makes the job much easier.

To linger over a meal, dim lights create a great ambiance. For sure, one dimmer might not be enough to do wonders in the kitchen, Therefore, just Make sure the design calls for separate dimmers so that each type of lighting can be adjusted accordingly: task, ambient, accent and decorative.


Are you willing to redesign your kitchen? Here are a few things you should consider with regards to kitchen lighting.


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