Small Businesses Should Consider Outsourcing These 6 Tasks

Small Businesses Outsourcing

Small businesses can rarely afford to hire internal teams to take care of every business task, which is why many of them decide to use outsourcing. This alleviates the pressure and allows owners to focus on important aspects of the business. Throughout this article, we’ll tell you about six tasks that all small businesses should consider outsourcing.


Part of the business world involves mundane business tasks including answering emails, setting appointments, and filing paperwork. However, thanks to the digitisation of the world, these tasks can be managed from anywhere in the world by a virtual assistant. VAs come in different shapes and sizes, from individuals charging $10 per hour to those looking to be paid around $30 – $75 for an hour of work. As with anything else, it’s often worth investing a little more than entry-level to get the best results.

IT Management

There are a lot of tasks involved in IT management including software troubleshooting and infrastructure security. Even though these tasks are essential for remaining online, it’s extremely expensive to hire an in-house team of experts. This is why IT has become one of the largest industries in the outsourcing world, with an estimated market value of around $530 billion globally – a figure that’s only expected to increase over time.


Marketing is an essential part of small business growth, but it’s also extremely time-consuming and can become fairly pricey. With this in mind, instead of attempting to manage everything in-house, it’s a good idea to outsource certain elements. For example, if you’re struggling with the constant battle of SEO (search engine optimisation), a reputable SEO agency Essex can take this off your hands and boost your chances of beating the competition.


If your business sells a physical product, you will need to pay for manufacturing services, but it’s extremely expensive to set up a facility. Fortunately, you can easily outsource manufacturing to an external business, and many of them will take care of the shipping as well.

Customer Service

Delivering excellent customer service is an essential part of any business, but with so many communication channels it’s become a challenge. Nowadays though, every form of communication can be operated online, meaning your representatives don’t even need to be in the same country as your business.
Before you get in touch with a third-party customer service provider, you will need to put together clear directions for how your brand communicates. After all, brand consistency is critical to business success.


Many small business owners want to have as little interaction with accounting as possible, which is why it’s one of the most commonly outsourced tasks. Everything from expense tracking to taxes and payroll can be managed by an external accountant. Not only will having an accountant save you money, but it’ll also free up time that can be spent on other tasks.
There are countless tasks that a small business needs to take care of, but not many of them have the available resources to do them justify. The areas discussed above and more can easily be outsourced to a third party.

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