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5 Common Causes of Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are quite common nowadays but can become a big question of worry if not dealt at the right time. That is why it is necessary that early attention is given in case your drains get blocked. Seeking the help of the professionals is the only way for out as they will diagnose the problem and suggest the right solution. But the first thing to understand is the cause of blocked drains. Now there can be many reasons as for why the drains get blocked. Drainage and sewage lines are mostly placed under the surface and your garden trees roots can penetrate these drain lines and block or damage the drainage system instantly. Apart from that, when you try to flush out some stuffs like hair and plastic through your bathroom outlets, they will get deposited inside the drainage system and block the drains. So, you should avoid these causes of blocked drains and maintain the drainage system for hygienic reasons.


Few causes of blocked drains?

  1. Foreign particles

There are lots of particles which might get into the drain and block it. This can include the small left-over pieces of soap or wrappers that easily form the root cause of the problem. If you have kids then even they can throw their tiny toys in the drain thus blocking them. Some of them even dump all sorts of other things in the drains or toilets thus blocking them. So, the best way out is to avoid any kind of solid particles in the drains and keep it cleans. If in case the drain gets blocked try getting in touch with the professionals to get rid of the same. Else you can also try to plug out the deposited garbage by using some drain hanger, or you can pour some hot water to clean the drains.

  1. Hair

Even hairs are one of the causes of the blocked drains. While taking a bath many of your hair falls and get clocked into the drain if not removed. Over the time the quantity increases hereby blocking the drain completely. Even the flow of water gets stopped and you need to call the plumber on an emergency basis.

  1. Roots of the plants and leaves

Sometimes the underground roots may be the reason of the blocked drains. With time these roots make their space into the drain to such an extent that pressure increases and the pipes may get cracked. So, it is essential that you collect the leaves from time to time and keep the drain clean. If the roots penetrate the drain you can take the help of the professionals and get it cleaned.

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  1. Grease

This is yet another reason as for why your kitchen drains get blocked. When you wash your utensils all the oil goes into the drain and after cooling, it gets stuck in the pipe. Over the time more grease gets collection onto the pipes thus making the pipe narrow. It becomes difficult for the water to flow and eventually the drain gets blocked.

  1. Toiletries

Many People have a bad habit of throwing the nappies or wipes in the toilets due to which the pipe blocked. Nappies and wipes can absorb a lot of moisture due to which they swell up and make it difficult for the water to pass through. Thus, flushing the water becomes difficult and the drain gets blocked completely.

These are the few common causes of blocked drains that you will come across. It is therefore important that you ensure proper cleaning of the drains on a regular basis as it will help in draining the water without any problem.

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