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11 Important Tips for an eCommerce SEO


This is the text appearing on products as categories in the navigation of the website.

When we talk about shipping I ‘ m sure that you have created an internal linking. Don’t set too many navigation choices on the page because you’ll have besides many navigations.

The largest crack out in website navigation flow that is quickly finding the data which they actually required.

1) How to make an eCommerce website with the proper navigational structure:

Points to be noted for basic navigation:

Navigation included in only main categories or perhaps in the child categories.

Home Page Link:

As well your logo image link, Not everyone to recognizes logos link returns to the home page, so you need a connection in the navigation bar.

About us Link:

About us, part is a more informative part then don’t build it so much unmanageable. About us page, in the primary navigation, it will help to establish the trust and believability.

Mobile Number:

Many websites don’t place their phone number rather than they redirect the customer to website form.perhaps it reduces confidence and security from the client. And the other side email is too neutral for some Client’s linking.

Check out the link:

Having shopping cart/checkout in eCommerce site will link’s help to maintain user’s engaged in the betraying procedure. Then It will very easy to convert them into a daily customer.


A page title is the most significant factor for on-page ranking. Search engine result page displays the title which you have set on your page. All page of your website should have a single title tag.

Meta Description for eCommerce SEO:

The advantage of meta description tag is to offer an abbreviated and summary of your whole website then people decides to visit your page or go around.

Place your right keyword for the targeted page:

Keyword research is a primary process for the target keywords and holds your meta description under 165 characters. If you make longer search engine perhaps not display it in full report which you have seated.

Beginning with an introduction to creating meta description: 

The Meta description is the short description of the page, so if you set a meta perfect to the page information, then people will visit your page after reading meta description.

Thinking about meta description transition factor:

Learn {Keyword} to shape your future.

Buy now {Product_name} from {Company_name}

Order today {Product_name}

Give the reason to a user for click on the link:

Admit reason to read the page and whole content.

 Expose why…

 how to install…

 find perfect solution…

 how to download…

Test of an achiever meta description:

First, read description yourself then think is it obliging to build you click? After that read meta description and recall Does it prompt you to purchase from this eCommerce site. You can also test using A/B testing.

3) Why ALT tag impact on SEO?

The search engine can’t understand the image, but an image can frolic a significant role in how to translate people to a webpage. When Googlebot crawl a page, an image with well-formated ALT text leads to how the page is indexed.

If the image does not display in the browser, for any reason, the alt text will display in the space of images, collapsing settings to what image is really arrest for those who can not visit them again.

Another time you’ll visit a site with loading speed issue then the problem is image will not load correctly but ALT tag loaded then visitor gets an idea about the website. It is most important to convey a message with the excellent image.

Some Browsers expose ALT tag when a visitor hovers their mouse over the image. If you have ever display that type of image marveled what it means and hung concluded it to wait for some time then you will definitely know about the image and seated Alt tag.

4) Responsive web design:

Responsive web designing means easy to visible in all devices and read properly while resizing as well as scrolling from desktop to mobile and vice versa.

If your website is not responsive than you have to manage two separate sites for desktop and mobile also need to manage separate SEO campaigns.

It is quite complicated instead of the handle one site. Then it is a beneficial way to make website mobile responsive.

5) What are the benefits of Canonical Tag?

The search engine provides a way in which we allow to differentiate multiple URLs having the same or one landing page. Using the canonical tag, we can define which URL to give a canonical tag.canonical tag helps webmaster forbid repeated content issue.

Suppose you have two same pages including the same content then give one URL as a canonical.

For example,

In above pages choose the most relevant page after that gives label canonical of the remaining page.

6) Optimize page loading time:

Decrease website speed is difficult things. Factor effect on the sites having an image with high resolution, flash, and script. If your site is taking more time to load if yes then think about the customer having a poor connection. That customer obviously closes your site and go through the another.

 If you have shopping site and website take a more a more loading time the generate the problem is all content will be loaded, but the image of the product take a more time to display that is the bad impression to the customer.

7) Set proper Long tail keywords:

Long tail keywords will help you to rank higher easily. You need to set the long tail keywords into meta tag, H1 tag, ALT tag and also into the content.

Then make sure you realize search required long tail keyword which demands from the user related your products.

8) The role of Sitemap:

The sitemap is a group of All URLs in the whole websites.HTML sitemap is beneficial for the robot as well as human-readable.

Most of the merchants prefer to create an XML sitemap using Magento eCommerce development. It becomes easily to start an eCommerce business.

9) Append site link to your Website:

You can add sub-heading which is more effective for the visitor who comes to visit your specific internal page. It may take less Time and also may increase the Click-through rate.

eCommerce SEO

Built your site with user’s most visited pages with the clean navigation like Jobs, About Us, Our Team and Shop. It will help you to better understandable for the user as well as Google.

10) Add Google Analytics to your site and gets lots of benefits:

Google Analytics is a tool. using that you monitors online visitors. Then able to how your page most visited and click by the user. It is an effective way to track campaigns that are managing traffic to your website.

First of all, target your potential customer and see which keywords search more for the specific product into your website hence you can provide better services to your online customer. Also useful for finding traffic from different sources.

11) Create a social media surroundings:

 The social media environments can be increased more traffic on your website by engagement with the customer and communication via social media. Then put social plugin is beneficial to your store.

And you can also set a social media login buttons like follow buttons and join with the user experience. It will increase the trust between the customer and affect the search engine ranking.


This article covered the eCommerce SEO services tips and got more benefits using magento. Magento is In short eCommerce SEO enhanced all over results of the websites. In short Using eCommerce site, we can expand business national and international market with few investment.

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