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11 Tips to creating a perfect logo design

perfect logo design
perfect logo design

With this mini manual I’m sure you’ll get all your doubts about business branding, creating logos and logos, designer and illustrator Borja Acosta (link to your portfolio) created a series of images entitled 11 steps to create a perfect logo design, With this series he portrays with simple examples and easy to follow how you should create a logo, what behaviors it soon has to have, in which situations it should fit, in short, there are 11 tips you can use and stay tuned for before To create your logo.

If you can frame all the tips in your logo, congratulations you have made a perfect logo, so do not curl too much here I am putting a brief description on each image to help you. Come on!

1. Does your logo work on Vertical?

When creating a logo, design it to fit anywhere, if it does not adapt, create two versions of the logo, this is called reproduction.

2. Does it work without a box around it?

Many colorful logos do not fit anywhere, so designers always have to put a white box when putting the logo anywhere and that’s annoying, it seems until the White Box is part of the logo.

3. Can you do it manually?

You can easily remember it and draw it manually, just like the Pepsi logo, it’s easy to remember is not, to draw too.

4. Use less than two sources?

This is the most basic of all, all soon to follow with only one typography.

5. Abstract comes before the literal

Whenever you create a logo for your company think of one or more concepts to apply to the logo that represents it, the final state of the logo must be in a reduced form at the beginning, in short, that represents and easily passes the message to the person who to see.

6. The mark is the sum of all the logo not

This is very simple is not, the logo represents only a visual identity of your company is one of the most important parts, but outside the visual products, way to sell, place and other things more depend for your company to have a brand of success.

7. The logo is a suggestion

Just as I said earlier the logo is just a visual hint of what your company stands for, you do not need to put all the elements of your company in just one symbol, only one element and choice can represent everything your company can do.

8. The purpose of the perfect logo design is to represent your company

A simple symbol to make you represent your brand, an example of this is Pepsi, Nike, Addidas, McDonald’s these brands do not need to write their name next to the symbol, only you see you already know what company is, got it?

9. Do not ask “green or blue”, ask “technical or popular”

Always before creating the logo you will have to define what colors it will have, the colors have a fundamental role in the creation, however before knowing the colors look for the segment and what kind of clients you want to attract, from this how you understand colors You can easily target the right color for your job.

10. Set the mark and then

Once you have met the brand, which segment, target audience, product, service, location and style you can easily from this information set a form for your marketing logo.

11. Do not worry, there will always be people who will not like your logo

Working with something subjective is like this, each one has its taste, its style and even more when the client does not understand anything of design, so do not be nervous that this is part of the day to day, consider this as a feedback, leave for a second Option or create a logo that is satisfying for both parties (you and your customer).

Some extra tips

I have also listed some tips that you can not miss in creating your logo, as follows :

– Check if your logo will have problems when it is passed to PB (black and white);

– Do not abuse the gradient;

– Create in vector;

– Does not use border;

– Be minimalist;

– Can your logo be applied on various materials?

Now it’s up to you!

I hope you enjoyed the article, now just go to the fight and create yours, if you think something was missing share with us, thanks for visiting!

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