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Additional Features to Look in a Travel Portal

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Every major field is converting to the digital side of the world and this is what the business sector demands today. Education, retail businesses, public services, and the traveling sector are all building a digital presence for them. With internet surfers increasing every day, the number of online customers has begun to increase. A majority of travelers use online tour booking system to book their hotels, tour packages etc. Technology is advancing and with this, the expectations of the customers are rising. Therefore, the online customers of the travel industry have begun to expect a lot from all online travel companies and agencies.

Here is a list of all features the customers are looking for in a hotel website or an online booking system!

  1. Responsive Design:

There are 2 billion smartphone users around the world and not having a responsive hotel web design is the biggest negligence! With every passing day, the number of smartphone bookers is increasing and if the booking system is not mobile friendly, the customers will look for other websites and booking systems.

  • Easy Filtering of Searches:

Filtered searches are one of the most important requirements of online bookers. When working on your travel portal development make sure that you include the feature of filtered search. It must be simple and easy to use so that you help your customers save their time.

  • Predictive Search:

Speed and efficiency are the two most attractive features of any Tour booking system and that is why every hotel website must have the feature of predictive search. This feature helps in making quick searches. We might think that predictive search is not as helpful but this feature is what all online customers look for.

  • Loads of Huge Images:

Pictures speak louder than words, this not just a phrase but a result of actual experience. Images and videos play a very important role and all online hotel bookers look for images and videos of properties and destinations. Images and videos must be made an integral part while the travel portal development phase.

  • Customer Reviews and Ratings:

Customer reviews must always be posted on the hotel website. This is because before placing a booking, every individual looks for reviews and if there are no customer reviews, a customer will have doubts and end up going for some other hotel.

  • List of Favourites:

Many online surfers go through different destinations and hotels that they like but when it comes to book their hotels or choose a destination, they get confused. Therefore, to help your customers decide the right vacation destination, add a favorites button so that they can click to see which destinations they had in their minds.

  • Clear Prices:

Many online Hotel Website Design hide some of the costs and show only room rates. This is however not a very wise approach. The online customers today want to see the actual prices so that they can rely on your website, including all hidden costs as well to provide your customers a reason to trust your booking system or website.

  • Impressive Descriptions:

Win customers with words. Today, internet surfers look for hotel websites that provide detailed descriptions of all destinations. Prepare impressive descriptions as this a feature many looks for in a hotel website. This is because many agencies and travel companies are providing packages for same destinations, therefore, having unique and captivating descriptions will make a hotel website or booking portal stand out among its competitors.

  • Integrated Google Map:

An impressive feature that is in great demand today is the integration of the Google maps. A travel website can display all the available vacation locations on an interactive map where clicking a specific destination will result in a beautiful picture of the place along with a 2-line description.

  1. Simple Checking-out Process:

The simpler your website is, more customers it will bring you. Many travelers abandon their bookings due to a complicated checking-out process. Try to make your website’s check-out portal as simple and neat as possible because of this what many online bookers demand.

These are the most important features that the users of the online Tour booking system are looking for! In order to stay in the front line of the competition, hotels, travel agencies and agents must make sure that their website of the booking system incorporates all these features to provide their customers with an amazing experience and a reason to return to your website.

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