High-Pressure Laminates vs Low-Pressure Laminates

High-Pressure Laminates vs Low-Pressure Laminates the best laminate brand in India

You often hear about high-pressure laminates and Low-pressure Laminates but don’t know which is the best choice for your requirement. You might be wondering which type of laminates you should choose for your house and which is the best laminate brand in India. In this article, we’ll discuss what are the advantages and disadvantage of the HPL and LPL, and understand which type of laminate suitable for your requirements.

High pressure vs Low pressure

Most important difference between both the laminates is that how they are prepared. Their manufacturing makes them different from each other and adds some advantage and disadvantage to these laminates.

High- pressure laminates:

High-pressure laminates or HPL were created under multiple processes. HPL is created with 6 multiple layers of resin-impregnated kraft paper, decorative papers and a clear protective overlay. Then these layers were goes under high pressure and temperature that is more than 140-degree Celcius. With high pressure and temperature, these are bonded together to create a solid high-pressure laminate.

High pressure is scratch-resistant, fire-resistant can be maintained easily and are hygienic.  You must consider High-pressure laminates when you’re selecting furniture for a lab, office, commercial kitchen or healthcare facility.

Low-pressure Laminates: 

Low-Pressure Laminate, also known as Melamine. Melamine is a chemical used in both the laminates. Melamine is an organic white crystalline power made by heating cyanamide. Melamine is combined with other chemicals and become plastic resin. 

After then melamine is combined with kraft paper which creates low-pressure laminates.  Melamine or LPL is manufactured at 200–350kg per-square-meter of pressure with higher temperature of approx 170°C–190°C. A newly formed layer of laminates then combined with a decorative layer which then attached to wooden substance.

Low-pressure laminates are also fire resistant, easily maintained, and include antibacterial properties, making both an excellent hygienic choice for food preparation areas, health facilities and medical offices. But due to it’s less durability it is more suitable for house furniture, kitchen, shelf. 

Prices of Laminates: 

Price of High-pressure laminates is higher than then low-pressure laminates because LPL does not cast as much to manufacturing and fewer steps are involved. High-pressure laminates go under multiple processes that’s why HPL is more durable and expensive.  

Which is the best Laminates Manufacturer In India? 


In India, STYLAM has the Asia biggest manufacturing plant in India. Established in 1991, Golden Laminates limited, which presently known as STYLAM is one of the best laminates brands with a global presence in more than 65 Countries.  

Stylam is the brand statement in the laminates industries and one of the fastest-growing brand in the world. The largest laminate producing brand in India with a production capacity of over 1.3 million laminates per month. Stylam offers more than 28 years of expertise in Manufacturing with over more than  1200+ Design, 120+ Textures & Finishes.  

At the end.

Now you know the difference very well. You can now easily determine which types of laminates you should go with. If you have a higher budget and want something more durable and agile then you should go with HPL whereas LPL is good for furniture, office furniture, shelf etc. Get more details about the benefits of Laminates and also check out thousands of laminates design here.

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