How to Choose the Right Laminate for Your Kitchen Cabinets?

best decorative laminates in India

The kitchen is no doubt the core and soul of every home. In this regard, if you are overwhelmed with the sheer variety of kitchen material, then you are not alone. That means there is an end number of products for the kitchen, which makes a choice difficult. For example, talking about kitchen laminates comes in various types, and everyone has different tastes.

So, if you are the one who is confused in selecting the best decorative laminates in India, then the below pointers will help you to choose the best. Let’s get started: –

  • Opt for high-pressure laminates

As you know, that kitchen is the place where more heat is there as you cook food. And high-pressure laminates are bonded for very high pressure and temperature. No doubt they offer long-lasting performance.

They come with 0.7 to 1.22mm thickness and can easily withstand moisture and heat.


  • Flame resistant

Before you buy any of the laminate for the kitchen or office, ensure that they are flame resistant, offering high durability and hygiene. The best part about these laminates is that they are fire, heat and smoke resistant.


  • Antibacterial properties

Hygiene is the essential thing that keeps the germs away in the house, especially when there are kids. No matter which brand of laminate you buy, make sure they have antibacterial properties that discourage bacteria’s growth, causing the place to be safe and secure.


  • Go for edge banding laminates

No matter which laminates you choose, make sure they have an edge-banded finish. The said finishes are strips that finish the exposed sides of the shutters offering a nice look. 


The final words

So, if you are looking for the best decorative laminates in India, look no further than Stylam laminates. They have the end number of choices from which you can choose the best and all of the above pointer features.

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