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Wood textured laminates

Now you can unleash your style and your love for fashion on the walls of your home. And the floors. And bathrooms, kitchens, patios, even the exterior. Textures are everywhere. They cater to our sense of touch. Add to the visual appeal of the world around us. Bring the mundane back to life.

Fashion has used textures to entice us for years. Linens that make you feel cool just at the touch, silks that bring the touch of luxury as they settle on your skin and wool that makes you want to snuggle up and get warm. And just as fashions makes us trendy, technology adds symphony and design to raw materials, making products more versatile and hipper. These products constantly redefine luxury and one such interior design product that has evolved to produce the highest quality of visual and sensory gratification are textured laminates.

Homes, hotels or commercial spaces can be completely transformed using textured laminates. These are decorative laminates, classified on the basis of their two-dimensional surface and higher quality. But they have the same easy of application required for plain laminate sheets and so a stylish makeover for your home is no longer a major home improvement project. Just use your imagination, add a little magic. Leather finish laminates appeal to the young with a sense of adventure, designer bikes, tough leathers and rough terrains. Or even the housewife who loves her quirky style. Might live in torn jeans but go chic with slick leather pants when the occasion demands.

Wood textured laminates remain the most popular. In-depth detailing of the knots in woods, the roughness of planks, feel of wood grain, brushed or oiled wood and an unlimited choice of the various shades that replicate different types of wood. For the more conservative this is a step into the contemporary world with a hold on to the classics. There are textured laminates for wardrobes, floors and even to give new life to old furniture. The various grains of marble and crystallization effects are another popular option, effortlessly captured in tiles. Bathroom or kitchen projects need no longer be huge assignments. And the transformation is exceptional.

Rustic stone textured laminates add the coarseness and depth of high quality stone to walls. They even replicate finely cut stone tiles which usually take days of stone cutting followed by application. And quite often if the space is not even people end up with a few extra layers on one end giving the wall a lopsided look which make all the hard work worthless. Soon to be launched, ,Insta tiles make it possible for a stone or tile finish wall to be created anywhere. Stone finish laminates for patios or external cladding are also gaining popularity. They’re tough, weather resistant and fire retardant as well.

Concrete finish laminates are popular for counter tops or columns, specially in commercial spaces. Any space that needs to be reinvented can be uplifted with this simple addition and application.

Fabric textured laminates add yet another dimension. You get to choose from linen finish to suede finish and there is even a khadi fabric finish. Textured laminates cater to every fashion preference and characteristic trait. Your home can literally be an extension of you.

And just as fabrics keep evolving, to give more comfort, add more depth and at times more gloss, shine or sparkle, research and development in laminates brings you tiles that are glossy, metallic and colorful. They add that oomph to your home. Define your personality. Glamourize your home.

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