The Anti-Bacterial Laminates from Stylam, India

Antibacterial laminates in India

Laminates can enhance the beauty of the furniture and give it a smooth finish which makes your furniture more extravagant. These laminates are made in multiple layers to improve strength, durability, appearance, and stability. But it is time to rethink and refurbish the laminate so that we can keep them away from the microbial invasion. 

Microbes quickly multiply on the laminate surface, resulting in undesirable malodours, stains, and premature degradation of the laminate. Hence, Stylam brings the advanced Antibacterial laminates in India, which are highly protected from bacterial attack and have a smooth satin finish. 

They make sure that the antibacterial laminates surpass all the quality parameters and are highly durable. Moreover, the company keeps a check on the undergrowth of the bacteria while designing the antibacterial laminates. 

Antibacterial Laminates That Bring Durability to the Furniture

Stylam is the biggest manufacturer of Anti-bacterial laminates in India which uses thermosetting material to design the laminates. This material can provide natural resistance and prevent bacteria proliferation. Moreover, they use nanotechnology and follow the special process to design the antibacterial laminates. 

Advanced nanotechnology helps to reduce the fungal and bacterial growth on the laminate surface, ensuring that you have a germ-free environment on the laminate. Besides that, the anti-bacterial laminates delivered by Stylam are-

  • Non-toxic and safe from bacterial attack 
  • Provide long-lasting performance and highly durable 
  • Thermo-stable and remain intact even at high temperature 
  • Provide 99% protection from the microorganism’s attack 


Stylam believes that antibacterial property is a must for the laminates because these laminates are often used on the kitchen countertops, cabinets, and moisture-prone areas where bacteria can grow rapidly. This is why their professional team of laminate designers ensures the antibacterial property to improve the shelf life and the texture of the laminate. 


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