Let The Sunshine In – Create Your Own Rainbows


Laminates rock in children’s spaces. There is no other product that ticks all the boxes. 

Colourful and fun

Clean and hygienic




Your child’s bedroom quickly goes from a sleeping environment to a mini soccer pitch or basketball corner and equally fast enough into a serene space for online school. It’s where they hang out with friends, colour, paint, create and recreate. As a parent I have personally spent hours getting paint off my white furniture and living with stains that require another coat of paint. 

But there are a lot more options for designing children’s rooms today. Colourful laminates brighten the room, a bright sunny yellow or a combination of bright colours on cabinets, a clean headboard for the bed, a fun and cheerful desk for those boring homework hours and colourful table and chairs for playtime. Laminates clean well. They repel stains and also provide a hygienic surface that prevents growth of any bacteria or fungus, a must in children’s rooms where jam fingers, play dough or milk stains often leave tell-tale signs. 

They are fun and colourful. Laminates have been used for years in play schools – the little tables and chairs or bright toad stools. Colourful cabinets that make the rooms cheerful. The same can now be recreated at home. Happy children make parents happy. And happy safe spaces is one way to get there.Laminates also adapt easily to design and that’s a huge positive when you let your creativity flow. Murals, blackboards, wall art, the options are endless. And above all they’re tough and durable. Furniture and interiors that can be pounded by a soccer ball, resist scratches from nuts and bolts and can handle the onslaught of stickers, glue, streamers et al.

So get going. Explore your options and let your creativity flow. Let’s create spaces that nurture your children’s talents. And maintain your sanity.

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