Most Thrill Seeking Activities In Croatia

Hiking Croatia
Hiking Croatia

The stunning nation of Croatia is a kingdom of natural spectacles. A country that has managed to preserve a diverse flora and fauna and maintain the grandeur of its landscapes over the ages, Croatia is a paradise for adventure seekers and the outdoor spirits. The dense vegetation and rocky cliffs of the national parks and mountains of this region are excellent for challenging outdoor activities, such as hiking and cycling. The cool sea breeze and the mild currents of the Adriatic Sea offer some fabulous spots for water sports that include kayaking, windsurfing, and even sailing. Here are some of the most sought after thrilling activities that you must participate in for an adrenaline packed Croatian vacation.

Hiking To The Unspoiled Peaks

The rocky and uneven terrain of the Croatian peaks, untarnished by civilization and heavily populated with trees, creates an ideal environment for a hiking adventure. Head over to the most popular destination for hiking in the country, the Paklenica National Park. A stone’s throw from the city of Zadar, this national park holds two spectacular gorges, Velika Paklenica and Mala Paklenica, which are considered to be the most scenic hikes in Croatia. The rocky trails overlooking lush green meadows are what make Zavizan in the Northern Velebit National Park another favorite among hikers. The sharp and jagged limestone rocks of Bijele and Samarske Stijene offer a challenging climb, whereas the trail through the shimmering water bodies of the Plitvice Lakes National Park is easy enough for the beginners.

Diving In The Adriatic Sea

The crystal clear Adriatic waters that surround Croatia provide great visibility to witness the marvelous marine life that they hold. The city of Dubrovnik is an excellent location for plunging into the shimmering waves to capture the myriad of colors displayed by the fish and other marine creatures, which are particularly abundant in this part of the Adriatic Sea. One of the most popular diving sites of the country is Bisevo Grotto or the Blue Grotto. A mesmerizing sea cave with extremely high visibility and population of octopuses, lobsters, and crustaceans. The waters of the Kornati archipelago are home to rare species of sponges, while the rocky pinnacles of Plic Tenki provide access to deeper parts of the reef that are covered with vibrant red corals.

Sailing And Island Hopping

Croatian coastline is 1777 kilometers long and counts more than thousand islands, both populated and uninhibited. So it’s no wonder that sailing in Croatia is such a popular activity. During the summer months you can spot plethora of vessels, going from one island to the other, enjoying in the  welcoming breezes of Adriatic. One of must stop sailing spots is most definitely the island of Brac and its world famous horn-shaped beach Zlatni Rat. Nearby city Bol offers some amazing insights on history of this place, amazing Renaissance architecture and lush nature reserves. Further on, sailing toward the Kornati archipelago is such an amazing experience. This archipelago holds some of the most exquisite secluded beaches and lush unspoiled natural wonders. This area is characterized by turquoise blue waters, plethora of islands, islets, reefs, and most of all rich flora and fauna.

Nature Exploration On Off-Road Cycling Tour

The mountainous landscapes of Croatia offer some challenging routes for off-road cycling. The cycling trails of the Plitvice Lakes National Park are suitable for bikers of all skill levels and are a good way to explore the oldest national park in the country. The biking route at the Krka National Park traverses all the main attractions of this region, such as the island of Visovac and the Skradinski Buk waterfalls. You can also challenge yourself with the sharp descents and climbs of the Vidova Gora in Brac, which is the highest peak of the Adriatic islands. Cycling through the forests of the Northern Velebit National Park is an invigorating adventure. However, there are no dedicated routes for biking, so you will need to be wary of your course.

Experiencing The Thrills Of Wave Surfing

If you are a lover of the sea then the waters around Croatia will satisfy your desire to ride the mighty waves. The most famous destination among surfers is Bol on the island of Brac. The waves here are perfect for surfing and have helped Bol gain popularity as one of the best locations for surfing in and around Croatia. The bays of Barbariga and Kamenjak are among the best spots for surfing in Istrian region and are frequented by surfers during the winter months. The Stara Baska beach on the island of Krk is yet another location that is known as a favorite spot for this activity. It is equally well known for its incredible beauty and for the solitude it offers amidst the gems of nature.

The exhilarating escapades offered by Croatia will enthrall you, whether you are a creature of the land, or an enthusiast of marine adventures. The varied geographical characteristics of different parts of the nation provide opportunities for a plethora of activities. These exciting sports will keep

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