WhatsappReal-Time Sharing Location Prevent Us from Privacy Concerns


In our modern world, social media plays an important role due to its interesting features and usage. They are mainly used for communicating with each other throughout the world. One such media is the WhatsappReal application, which lets the user share our views, pictures, audios and videos.

This application is largely in use due to its simplicity and privacy. Now with the success of video calling features, there is one such thing that WhatsappReal seems to lack which the real-time location is sharing.

There is a lot of updated version available in the Whatsapp to make the access to the network easily. Though Facebook also contains the same functionalities like Whatsapp, the company works alternatively with the software products. In Beta version of Whatsapp, real-time sharing location is successfully done with the help of online.

Now, Whatsapp has been working on updates, which allow the user to track their friend’s location in real-time. This will track the location when the GPS location is enabled and it lasts for a shorter amount of time ranging from one to five minutes.

The concept of user location is not completely new, but Live Location Sharing makes it go to the next higher level. It is feasible to share details of a location with certain contacts, but real-time location sharing is something, which makes concern and us delightful in just about equal measure.

Real-timeLocation Sharing

Facebook may be outpacing itself from location sharingbetween friends and its own application, but Facebook-owned Whatsapp appears to be working about this particular feature. The new feature spotted in the beta version of the popular social media mobile messaging software that Whatsapp has developed real time to sharelocation-trackingoption, which could be used among your Whatsapp friends.

The new version, which was spotted through Twitter account, is currently found in the Android and iOS version of the software. At present, it works by allowing a user to turn on live location tracking for a few minutes. During the allowed time, the selected recipients could be able to follow your exact location in the application.

The feature makes sense at times when you are trying to meet up with a friend, or group of friends in a congested location. Else, it could be used among family members as an alternate way to a paid family locator service. The implementation has also been designed in such a way that it limits the number of users using this service due to privacy issues.

It appears that the option is switched off by default and Whatsapp users can able to control how long the sharing exists. Not all the beta features will certainly launch to the public, the fact that location sharing is in testing across the platform is a positive sign that Whatsapp is moving a step ahead with the settings.

This advanced feature gives us increased privacy concerns around the mobile messenger as of late, following the confusion over a misreported news story that implied the app had a closet in its software. The firm has made some decisions related to the security key that’s more of a tradeoff or vulnerability. The application also goes a record to say that it could fight against government request to create a backdoor.

There is a problem with this feature that once word gets out even if untrue many users may fail to adopt the new feature like location sharing because they are confused about the nature of privacy policy. The issue has also happened at the time when Facebook has come out with the exact location-sharing feature through nearby friends that worked similarly to the Whatsapp option.

The thing is you would select to either temporarily or permanently share your constant location on a map with specific friends. At present, Facebook users can only go use it for a limited distance from friends and current neighborhood shared. The previous implementation has made the social network feel like awful, especially if you forgot to turn permanent sharing off. That is the reason why it is little odd to see the same sort of location sharing now emerging in the Whatsapp.

But, in this application, there is better privacy that is designed more as a closed door SMS replacement that the large type of social network. Whatsapp have been working on testing this essential feature. Also, it is working with the ability to edit and delete sent messages that are still not read by the user’s statuses, and shake your mobile to report bugs and problems to the Whatsapp support team.

How does it work?

The working of real-time location sharing is described here,

The user can just turn the app on and then you go live. Selected friends from your contact list can able to see where you are. But, they can able to see your location only for a specific amount of time for which your friends and family can track you.

The Beta version of this application lets you select the time duration for about five minutes. So the user can broadcast your location for just about five minutes in the latest beta version. Anyhow, you can also select the options like “enabled indefinitely” so your friends can always locate you from wherever you are.

Improvements to this Feature

Whatsapp real-time location sharing is not like Facebook’s update features. It is like Twitter or Integra, which makes it much better than the rest of the application like location sharing features.

This special feature will improve the safety as people keep on tracking their loved ones. If and adults or family lives outside and worried about their safety, you can just keep on tracking them with the help of this feature. Individual women who reside outside alone can be benefited using this technology.

This is not something, which is new, as message has already implemented this feature only for iOS users. But, Whatsapp is right now testing this feature on both the iOS and Android platforms. With a special care, Whatsapp gives a scheduled time to the forgetful ones so; they do not keep on sharing their location to the others endlessly.

But, Whatsapp needs to be careful in rolling out this feature as it totally depends on the security issues. But, time-sharing could just protect us from others who like to make scams behaviors.


A lot of advanced features are introduced in the beta version of Whatsapp. So we need to a proper knowledge of the usage of this application. The recently updated location sharing facilitates the user to find the exact location of a particular user.

Youngsters and other professionals to have a clear communication with others mostly use the application. The reason is they are completely educated and they know how to handle this application. A hardware component is added along with the software component. The concept has been added up in the Whatsapp network known as live location sharing.

Compared to traditional days, the technology has been growing and the new beta version of Whatsapp is implemented with a lot of specifications with respect to the modern technology. This application could become one of the best features for the upcoming generation.

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