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Technology and the automobile industry have started to design and manufacture the new age automobiles. It is sa pretty amazing to see how this complete technology based vehicles are working. We can clearly see that in the near future the world is going to be filled with these kinds of vehicles on a large scale. It is a fact that the people at present are finding a bit difficult to get acquainted this particular kind of cars, but in the long run, we can say that they might get used to it.

Uber has been expanding its business in all sorts and it has grown to an extraordinary length of the expansion. At the beginning of their venture, it was just providing a ride-hailing service to the people around the world. They started as a small organization, over the period of 7 years; their expansion has been really big and enormous.

At present they have taken the initiative to bring the technology based vehicles onto the roads and use it for better transportation. They have launched a pilot program where they are testing the self-driven cars on the streets to make sure that it travels around the city by receiving the signals from the sensors in the right way.

It has just started with the testing of the self-driven cars and it is yet to be let out for regular rides for the people. The Autonomous vehicles have become a big catch for the leading organizations throughout the world. Innovation and creativity these are the two things which the people into business are really interested in. It is a fact that, people from this generation are always amused and excited about the things which have innovative and creative thinking.

We can state that the self-driving cars which were used for the pilot program in the California were now getting transported to a different base. There has been a halt in the city of California as the regulations were on the wheels and the organization had to stop. Instead, they have decided to try out the pilot program in the city of Arizona, they have dispatched around 16 different cars to try the self-driving in this particular city.

It is a fact that, due to the regulations which have been imposed by the law authorities has made the organization to stop the trial of the technology based vehicles. On the flip side, we can say that the Arizona officials have welcomed these autonomous cars for testing in their city roads. While this is happening on one side, we can see that there has been a movement of a set of self-driven cars getting put back in the department of California motor vehicles.

There are around 6 self-driven Volvo cars which have been sent out onto the streets of California. This time, they are not going to use these vehicles to check the self-driving conditions. It is said that the vehicles will be used to map the city of San Francisco and will not be used for any other purposes. The officials at Uber stated that it has not gone off the roads of California to exasperate the regulators or the law authorities.

They wanted to make sure that, there this service is been welcomed from all the corners, be it the people or the law officials. At present, in the city of San Francisco and Arizona, the semi-automatic vehicles are used only to map the complete gridlock. There are not using the vehicles to provide rides to their customers.

It is evident that the organization is putting efforts to make sure that this new venture is going on the right path. Uber alone is not the organization which is implementing the idea of working on the semi-automatic self-driven cars. There are other organizations as well, which are implementing this particular idea and are in action in fact.

There are a few organizations which state that they hold the permit to operate the self-driven cars around the cities. Uber has just begun to operate this pilot program, even after facing different kinds of obstacles from the law authorities across different cities. Waymo is backed by Google and it has already made a milestone in the case of semi-autonomous self-driving cars.

The cars which we operated by the Google’s Waymo was 50 percent more in the year 2016 when compared to that of the year 2015. We can say that they have made a mark and have very well flourished themselves in this particular venture. But, with the initiative taken by the famous ride-hailing organization, we can clearly state that there will be tough competition amongst the most popular organizations.

In near future, we can expect that the DMV will issue a list of rules before the companies could release the cars for the riders to be able to get rides through the self-driven cars. Once this is done successfully, it would become a lot more easily to for the other states to get these cars rolled out on the streets for rides. It is said that the restriction which will be imposed less and it wouldn’t something which might seem to be hard to cope up with.

A few other companies would operate vehicles according to the rules and regulations which have set by the law authorities of the city. It is a fact that, each city has a different set of rules, which needs to be followed. So, when the companies are rolling out the fully autonomous cars on the streets, they will be another set of regulations which the regulators would have set for the companies to follow.

The fact is that the technology, innovation, and creativity are the most important factors for the future. There are certain standards which have been set, autonomous automobiles are not a piece of cake that anyone could take it easily. A lot of things get involved when we say that, the world is adapting to the technological changes which are happening.

We can see that there will be a tremendous growth in the industry of autonomous vehicles over the coming years. On the flip side, we can clearly see that people, who survive with driving their cars around the cities for their livelihood, would end up without one. One of the undeniable facts is that, Uber has provided hundreds of people a job and a livelihood when they were jobless and were unable to find one or get into one.

This is a scenario which needs to be considered by the organization, as it has helped hundreds of them around the world. It is just not one city, it is, in fact, the hundreds of cities where the there are millions of people who are able to survive just because of Uber. This particular organization has seen an enormous amount of downfall through various levels. But, it still holds the place of being the best ride-hailing service provider in the world.

The self-driven cars are now back onto the streets of San Francisco, but this time it is absolutely mapping around the city. We can expect that the expansion would go places and it is definitely going to get bigger and better for the days to come. Though there is a fear of losing the jobs, but we can expect that the organization might find a solution for it as well.  For now, we can say that the company’s expansion is going to get better for the days to come in the near future.

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