5 Best European Cities to Visit in Winter


Europe is a hot-spot for travelers from all around the world and for a good reason. With such awe-inspiring locations, it’s easy to see why a European vacation is such a popular choice. With so many beautiful destinations, choosing what you like to see most can be a challenge.

In this article, we are going to look at 5 of the most popular European Cities to Visit in Winter.

Paris, France


They say that “all roads in France lead to Paris”. The Eiffel tower remains to be a breathtaking monument to see here in Paris.

Another great adventure is touring the Louvre Museum to see the various collections of antiques and the painting of Mona Lisa.

2. Sibenik, Croatia


Sibenik is the oldest town founded by Croatian people on the Adriatic coast. The city of Sibenik has many cultural and historical monuments and one that particularly stands out is the Cathedral of St. Jacob.

The Cathedral is the largest and most valuable object of the architectural heritage of Sibenik.

It stands out with its beauty, design and stylistic features and represents a unique monument of sacral architecture that has been inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000.

Sibenik city is fortified by fortresses and walls that reflect its history. What more, the real estate market in Sibenik here is currently at its peak due to the increasing popularity of this city as a tourist destination.

Rome, Italy


People like this place because of its architectural designs and historical significance. This capital of Italy remains unmatched when it comes to the sheer aesthetic domination of its antique structures and its impressive history.

Here you can see buildings like the Coliseum which was used by the Roman Empire to showcase their gladiator’s valiant fight in the arena and the Vatican which is a historical landmark and seat of power for Christian Catholicism.

The Coliseum in Italy, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, attracts a large number of visitors every year.



It is lovely to hear the Big Ben ring its bells as Clock Tower hits midnight and to watch the Tower Bridge rise up whenever there is a ship crossing.

The opportunity to ride on top of London’s Eye, a gigantic Ferris wheel, and to view the city of London from the sky, is to die for.

Visitors in London are also fascinated by the medieval architecture of the Buckingham Palace.

Barcelona, Spain


To experience the Spanish culture while walking along La Ramblas, a well-renowned place for its café and superb shops that offers good Spanish delicacies and cuisines is a heaven-sent opportunity.

They say the Spanish dialect is a language of love. Learning a thing or two of Spanish would be an added bonus. This city offers a collection of fantastic samples in Spanish art, fashion, lodging, and dining.

It is no wonder that Europe has always been a much sought after continent for most travel enthusiasts. If you are yet to visit Europe, make sure it’s in your bucket list this year or you could be missing out on a lot of fun.

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